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    2014 nuc,s for sale

    Hi if you have any left. I would appreciate one.
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    Nuc for sale Norfolk/Suffolk border

    hi any nucs or colonies still left I was interested in 2 nucs or one full colony
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    Colony for sale good temperament

    Hi l would like to buy your nuc and nu is 07772649577
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    how do i get my bees to survive the winter

    My nuc has grown from 3 frames to a full hive filling my national brood box with bees and 7 supers. I have taken 3 frames of capped honey leaving 5 frames of partly capped. Now I want these bees to survive the winter, do keep the super on? if I do, then how do I feed them for the winter?
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    Colonies for sale

    hi Got the bees home ok, only had 6 of them on the back window. Settled them in their corner. Just check on them this morning and there flying around and some are coming home with food we still got alot of flowers are us and all in the rain good girls.
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    Colonies for sale

    hi Can't do monday. But tuesday is ok any time. cheers
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    Colonies for sale

    hi.I would be interested in one of your nuc,also could I come over and look at them in the next fews days regards Tony
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    Nuc's and Full National Hives Huntingdon

    hi Iwould me interested in a full colony.If you have any left. my nu is 07772649577
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    Swarming Weather end of month

    swarming swarming does worry me I am new to bees and hope to collect my nuc end of this month? and they are new zealand bees?I have already got my hive up national. If I put the framse in mybe I would get a swarm?:iconbee-smillie