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    Highest varroa count

    I have a range of colours of bee boxes , and in early spring ( August here in NZ ) I have a couple of times passed a laser thermometer over the sunny side of my home apiary and the pink boxes are always between 2 & 5 degrees C higher than the other boxes ,don't know whether the internal temp is...
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    Aficionados of oxalic sublimation

    Sublimation or trickle have no where near the efficacy of oxalic and glycerine used in the solid fibre board (as in Aluen CAP) the fibre board strips will give a treatment cycle from 4 to 8 weeks , depending on how fast the bees chew them up, one of the drawbacks of them is that you have to...
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    Creaming machine

    with 6 inches you don't have a foot to put a sock on, with 12 inches at least you'd have one foot to stand on
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    Another Friend Gone

    I too am saddened to hear this news, we here in New Zealand have also benefited from his excellent bee knowledge.
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    Ben harden method

    I find that shortly after summer solstice it starts getting harder and harder to get successful "takes" in queenright starters, maybe one of you in the northern half of the world could try grafting into a queenright stater as well as a queenless starter and see if there is a marked difference in...
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    Ben harden method

    I have used queenright starters for about 15 years and have success rates around 95% in the spring, but often only around 40% when doing autumn grafts. we graft 32 cells per colony and regularly harvest 30 good looking cells. love this method for spring cells.
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    Oxalic acid sublimation

    If you want to use a heat gun you will want one with the digital control so you have some control of the temperature. I made a vaporising unit from a brass water meter housing , just removed the internal mechanism and used one of the little stainless steel cups you can get from a chefs supplies...