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    Varroha Brushing

    most of the varroa are in the capped brood cells (thats what I thought). thats why we treat when there's little or no brood
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    bees with white stripes

    I've just been checking on the bees. There seems to be quite a number of them coming in and out with white strips on the back of their heads. I fairly certain that it's pollen. Can anybody tell me (or have a guess) at what type it is?
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    petrol to drive swarm from roof??

    just a quicky. dont forget petrol vapours (which the bees smell) are heavier than air and flow down and out. I personaly wouldn't use petrol, people under estimate how dangerous it is. (I work with it).
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    Guard Bees

    try putting your finger at the enterance, you'll soon find out how good your guard bee are.
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    Lorry crash spills 14 million bees

    bait hive, quick. lol
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    Who breaks 'the rules' then?

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    Black beauty or Beastie?

    Keep them!!! if not I have a good home for them.
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    Hive preservatives

    cedar does not need treating, due to natural oils the the wood
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    Bees on crown board - silly ?

    It seems like the same old thing here, ask 4 beekeepers a question and you'll get 6 answers. Saying that, I do agree with Rab, because if you put mesh over the hole in the cb, the bees will propolis it up (that speaks volumes to me)...
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    Quick scout bee question

    I had scout bees around my bait hive on sunday, the swarm turned up today :-)
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    Favourite soup?

    home made brocolli and stilton.
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    Learning the basics bee keeping

    join your local beekeepers association is the best advice I can give, theres always somebody to help you out.
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    Wintering with a super

    sorry Oliver, Im new to this too. but won't all the bees including the queen cluster in the warmest part of the hive and if thats in a super on top of the bb then any brood would be left in the bb at the bottom?
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    Wintering with a super

    or they will all go into the super with the queen and the brood will be left to die