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    Ivy sloes and chestnuts

    No just Red ones.
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    Ivy sloes and chestnuts

    500 nuts!!! last year we collected over 70 kilos, but the weather here has also hit the walnuts and we will be lucky to get 20 kilo this year! (and no Apples!) The bees are busy here on the ivy and with temperatures expected to remain around 22°c for the next few days nodoubt they will continue...
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    Dadant kit in France

    Bonjour You could try Leygonie apiculture in Brive. They have Dadant Kits for 75euro (floor,brood, super,crown board,roof and frames) Weather set fair here 32°c yesterday so it should be warmer in the Tarn!! N
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    Honey Extraction Queries

    just extracted one super, 8 of the 9 frames 3/4 full 15 kilo yield!
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    Three strikes and you out!

    Despite all efforts one of my hives decided to swarm, they emerged at about 11 O'clock yesterday and settled on a low branch close to the hive. So I suited up, ready to collect, by the time I returned they had gone.... Back to the hive!!! They were all over the landing board and slowly moving...
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    Asian Hornet

    The bee's have been out again today, the weather is very very mild, however it was like this in 2005 until the 19th of Jan then it turned very cold down to -15c here, It did not get above freezing until March!!! So keep everything crossed and the "eau de vie" to hand
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    Comb honey in jars

    Hi Have I missed a trick? With the problems I had earlier in the year extracting my first honey crop this looks like the answer!!! Sorry can't post a link as I have not yet passed 10 posts! but it come from a site called pyrenees honey .com Organic honeycomb that is made by the bees in the...
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    Tamper-proof seals?

    Chris is right about tamper proof jars here in France. Why bother worrying about jars when you have stacks of air dried sausages,hams and unrefrigerated cheese available in every market!! This does not seem to effect the locals as they have one of the highest average life expectancies in...
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    Sizzling autumn...

    It was 19° here first thing with the swimming pool at 25°. a quick swim then watched England beat Scotland.
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    Best made plans!!

    The frames are to tall, I did think about cutting of the lugs and buying new frames) but they would still be too long. As they say you live and learn
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    Best made plans!!

    OK So it's time to carry out my first ever full honey extraction. Everything is ready the borrowed extractor is ready in the kitchen along with a clean tub to collect my first full super of honey. On returning with a very heavy super I carefully de-cap and place the first frame into the...
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    apple blossom tree.

    They are not touching my apple trees the fields of Dandelions around here are much more tempting The fields here looks like we are in the middle of OSR but it's all Dandelion!! a fantastic sight for both beekeeper and bees!! [
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    how to move bees from a crumbling hive?

    Hi We moved the bees from our crumbling hive last Saturday, had tried the brood box / feeder on top method but they had not read the manual and refused to move in!! In the end we had to carefully lift each frame out and into a new brood box, there was a lot of wild combe and several of the...
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    best defence for mr carrot fly?

    Carrot fly Carrot fly is not a problem here so I don't to worry about that one. The big problem I have is Colorado beetle !! Last year I spent hours picking off the adult beetles and the grubs.
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    Rotten Hive

    Hi Just to clarify the hive was moved a month ago and have had a look inside yesterday,the frames look a little fragile, they are however full of comb difficult to see much else. The hive it's self is home built but with standard Dadant frames. I do have a new hive with fresh foundation...
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    Rotten Hive

    This is my first post so be gentle with me!! I Have rescued an abandoned hive (the bk died three years ago) from the bucket of a 25ton excavator that was clearing the overgrown garden which it was in. The hive is completely rotten the landing board has gone and there is damage / rot to the...