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    Odd pollen distribution.

    My bees have starting coming back with bright yellow pollen on their heads and eyes. It’s a very distinct bright yellow dot on their heads as if they have head butted the blossom. No pollen in their baskets. Wondering what it could be. I’m in Shropshire. Any ideas anyone?
  2. K

    Macabre pollen source?

    Last week we had a couple of very mild days while I was off so I had the chance to watch the bees for a while. Was not surprised to see them flying given the temp but was surprised to see them bringing back pollen. At least 2 different types - bright yellow and dark orange. I haven't seen...
  3. K

    Looking for a mentor in Liverpool or it's surrounds.

    HI, I have recently started keeping bees and am keen to continue learning as much as possible. My Mum is my main mentor but lives in Lancaster so although I get to spend time with her and see her bees too is would be nice to have someone local too. Although would obviously love an experienced...
  4. K

    Queen Piping and other questions.

    I'm sorry this is a bit long-winded but I am trying to understand my bees to try and prevent (more) newbie mistakes. I got my first hive (full colony from someone downsizing, not a nuc) in May of this year and they rapidly settled down and expanded into 2 BBs. They were initially lovely, placid...