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    Sublimox vs Varrox safety

    Joking aside I have worked for very many years in horticulture, both under cover and field scale operations and am also fully trained in the correct and legal use/application of chemicals. Poisoning however caused is not a laughing matter and those that treat this seriously are to be commended...
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    Sublimox vs Varrox safety

    Well it's lunch time so I am sitting here reading this and I happen to have a packet of Api bioxal in front of me (not sprinkled on my sarnies by the way!). The packet directions indicate an EN149 FFP2 mask, gloves and eye protection for vaporization and handling the powder. Personally I use...
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    6 frame nuc which can be divided into two

    I concur with Finman - not worth taking 3's through winter get them into 5's or 6's before winter and they are almost guaranteed to get through and get a honey crop after. I have a fair few home made nucs and Paynes nucs which I use but am coming to loath, especially that feeder. Maybe...
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    Abelo varroa tester 3 in 1

    If you haven't watched this I urge you to. Randy Oliver talking about his varroa work with quite a large section on sampling for mites. It seems that there is not much academic research on sugar shakes/rolls and he is making further enquiries into this which will be fascinating to follow. I too...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Finally got around to moving the double stacked hives this morning that I have been going to move for the last couple of months. Now everything is where it should be. It won't last long.........
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    Nuc weights for winter

    Thank you all, very useful information.
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    Nuc weights for winter

    Has anybody got a target weight for 6 frame poly nucs going into winter? I am hefting at the moment but my nucs are increasing in number each year and there has to be a more scientific way of approaching this.
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    Beekeeping reflections

    Care to explain why? I much prefer the migratory roof and the slightly larger brood would be a bonus, plus as I make most of my own equipment they are an easier box to construct.
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    Beekeeping reflections

    11 or 12 years now - everyday spent beekeeping is a lesson. The trick is not to keep repeating the mistakes! If I knew then what I know now I would be using Langstroths without a doubt but I have too much invested now in Nationals. However I love beekeeping more than ever now.
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    sublimox varroa oxalic acid vaporiser

    I use the Provap 220 which is a great bit of kit. It still amazes me how quickly I can go through an apiary of 10 - 20 hives, bung the kit back into the van and on to the next one. I would imagine that the sublimox is similar but I do like my digital read out.
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    2nd’s pine boxes

    You may have common sense, but having seen our neighbours burn down a full stable block (horses out thankfully) with a stupidly close bonfire I am not sure that a large section of the general public have!🤣
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    2nd’s pine boxes

    I have used Osmo decking treatment which seems to work wonders on ply boxes - the Osmo is free to me as leftovers from decking jobs (I am a landscape contractor) and I can put up with the extra weight of ply because for me they are cheap. I have just done a quick back of fag packet calc and a...
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    Melting old wax in a Thornes warming cabinet

    As Kaz above, steam is the only really effective way to extract wax from brood frames. It is surprising how much you can recover with this method vs a vs the others.
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    Finding site

    I have been fantastically lucky this year as I picked up an apiary through a good friend and it turned out that the lady who owns the site has 'connections'! Now I am getting superb sites offered to me that I don't have enough bees for. It does seem that you need to get known by the land owning...
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    Electronic candle lighter

    Cheap Chinese stainless smoker, stuff to the brim with hay, close. Point your blowtorch to the lower side of the smoker and heat until the metal is cherry red. It doesn't matter if you are in a torrential downpour (why would be the next question!) your smoker will light every time. Warning -...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Fed the nucs today and very pleased with them, some are still too light for my liking though so keep piling the syrup in while I can.
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    Beekeepers Professions

    Trained as a nurseryman/horticulturist in the late 70's but have always had an interest in nature pretty much from day1, then went on to run my own business building gardens which I still do today. We have had friends with hives on the family land and I sort of drifted into it after they left...
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    What would you do, 3 Q- colonies

    The bees worst enemy? Mr Beekeeper. Lack of stores and the time of year means patience is a virtue, one you can correct the other is self explanatory. Oh lordy i'm sounding like finny!
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Received the last bit of my Thornes order today - bit of a mistake on their part but very promptly resolved by Gill. Excellent service that is much appreciated and ensures my future custom.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Topped the feeders up - that's a quarters of a tonne gone already.