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    Price of logs

    Yep That's exactly what we normally pay, well it was until I had three 60 foot trees felled last year! PS Logs don't last long, depending on your burner try using wood to get it going and coal (we use smokeless because we live in a smokeless zone) to keep it going and keep it "in" overnight...
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    How long to draw comb?

    Thank you all! Thanks for all the words of wisdom. I appreciate everyones time and help.:bigear:
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    How long to draw comb?

    My new swarm of bees arrived 2 days ago. Much larger than I expected, they are heavily covering 3 frames of new foundation and lighter covering on two more. They are settled in and very active, I see many out foraging like mad. They have syrup to give them a boost but I don't know when to expect...
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    Silverwing Apiaries sale

    I see your point Pete, and I bought a hive from you having seen it on e-bay. That said before I bought I did lots of research to make sure you were genuine. Fortunately the feedback you had on this forum was a good point of reference !
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    Silverwing Apiaries sale

    On e-bay you buy a product you haven't seen from someone you have never met. That's fine if you have a genuine seller but how can you ever be 100% certain? For that reason I only spend on e-bay money I am prepared to loose and more importantly that I can afford to write off if it all goes pear...
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    extractor needed.

    Not exactly as requested but whats the harm in trying to help a fellow beek?
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    Name and shame! Pete, I admire your inginuity in finding your stolen property, you tenacity and sence of right and wrong by pushing this forward. The result would never be harsh enough for us genuine honest beeks but a conviction is a great result, nowadays getting a case past the CPS...
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    extractor needed.

    Lots for sale on ebay but this one looks a bargain. If it weren't so far from where I live I would be bidding on this one. Hope it's nearer you than me. Good luck.
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    New bee keeper - best place to buy a hive?

    From recent experience... I recently bought a National Hive from Hivemaker who regularly uses this forum. Before buying I spent hours researching and I was glad I did. He was extremely helpful and always happy to advise me. Eventually I took the plunge and bought a hive from him. The hive...
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    Please tell me I have not ruined my new hive!

    I recently bought a hive from hivemaker, he has proved to be a fantastic source of information. You might want to ask him, he builds hives and has successfully kept bees for a long time. Post script. I told you Hivemaker was good, he answered while I was typing this and I didn't see his post...
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    Derbyshire thefts

    I have never heard of a hive or bee theft in Derbyshire and although theft can happen it’s certainly a rare. If you notice the Derbyshire Police initiative included lots of self publicity and the campaign was started by a senior Officer, they love self publicity, its helps their careers. Fear...
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    Easy, Cheap, Solar Wax Melter

    British ingenuity, you can't beat it. Thanks for the suggestion and putting a smile on my face. Have to sign off now, just popping down to Asda :hat:
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    Hi Pete, Thanks for taking the time to talk to and offer me advice tonight. Your enthusiasm is...

    Hi Pete, Thanks for taking the time to talk to and offer me advice tonight. Your enthusiasm is infectious, I am getting more addicted to the topic by the minute. It looks like I have got some reading and study to do in preparation for my leep into the real world of bee keeping. Thanks again...