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    LED lighting in the Honey House, big improvement.

    I recently replaced the 8ft fluorescent strip lights in my honey house with 6ft LED strip lights, and I've noticed that the lights no longer attract bees. It's a better light to work under and it saves energy. My local electrician replaced all four strip lights in a couple of hours.
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    Stainless steel honey press?

    Has anyone here used the Thorn's stainless steel honey press for heather honey? We are thinking of buying one to lend out to members. There's a fair harvest of heather honey here in North Wales. We have one of the Economy presses, not so impressed with it. Thanks.
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    Beehives at solar farms?

    Do any members have beehives at solar farms. Does it work? Click here for a proposal. Is this likely to be an example of "greenwashing"?
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    Lightweight bee suits?

    This message was posted on our Conwy Beekeepers' Facebook group yesterday. Any suggestions please? "I'm looking for a bee suit which is cooler than my BJS which is uncomfortably hot in summer. Yesterday I had to take a break after every hive to towel down and rehydrate. My colonies were calm...
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    Conwy Honey Fair 2020

    Conwy Honey Fair on Monday 14th September is cancelled. Instead, we are hoping to set up a regular small-scale Conwy Honey Market in the town, in August and September. Conwy Seed Fair and Conwy Honey Fair will resume when it is safe to do so.
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    Gift Aid and BKA subscriptions

    Conwy Beekeepers Limited is presently going through the process of changing from a non profit Company Limited by Guarantee to a Registered Charity, for various reasons: reduced accounting paperwork, reduced cost of auditing, and easier access to grants. Are any BKA's claiming Gift Aid on their...
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    Wally Shaw talk on Varroa

    Tuesday 30th October, a Conwy Beekeepers' talk by Wally Shaw (Anglesey BKA) on Varroa. Message from Wally Shaw... The talk is about the ongoing evolutionary relationship between the honey bee, Varroa and deformed wing virus. Included in the talk is an account of how Varroa breeds in the hive...
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    Conwy Honey Fair 2018

    This Thursday 13th September, Conwy Honey Fair in Conwy High Street LL32 8DB. All the stall space is full now. Over 25 beekeepers from North Wales and beyond, plus plants, local crafts and Farmers' Market stalls. We expect to sell over a tonne of honey at the 700-year old Royal Charter Fair...
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    Entry level honey extractor

    Our BKA runs a very popular honey extractor kit hire scheme for members. See We would like to provide more entry-level kits for hire. Is the Abelo 4-frame manual extractor a machine to recommend? Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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    Spring Management talk

    Tuesday 27th March, "Spring Management, getting the best from your bees" a Conwy Beekeepers talk by Graham Royle NDB, Cheshire BKA, back by popular demand. What are your beekeeping plans for 2018? Same plans, same as last year? Or a real effort to control swarming, keep the hives healthy and...
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    Conwy Seed Fair, Monday 26th March

    Monday 26th March, Conwy Seed Fair, 700-year old Royal Charter Fair, Conwy High Street LL32 8DB, 9am to 4pm. Same format as the Honey Fair in September. Plant and seed stalls, crafts, honey, local produce and Farmers' Market stalls. Stall space is free with a donation in aid of Bees for...
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    Mobile honey extracting line for Anglesey beekeeper

    See this press release Fully funded by the Welsh Government. Can this possibly be true?
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    Dr. Trevor Dines talk on 27th Feb, North Wales

    Tuesday 27th February Dr. Trevor Dines talk to Conwy Beekeepers on Plantlife and Wildflower Meadows. Visitors welcome. Craig y Don Community Centre, Llandudno. Refreshments from 7.20pm, meeting starts at 7.40pm. See for more info.
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    Squill flowers, are they good for the bees?

    I've copied this from the Daily Post, North Wales edition... "Eight trial projects on Welsh farms, each with a budget of up to £40,000, are investigating novel agricultural products and techniques. They range from the use of robotic weeders to the cultivation of squill bulbs, which may have...
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    BBKA Module dates for 2018 ?

    What dates are the BBKA modules for 2018? Thanks.
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    National Beekeeping Centre Wales

    Best wishes for all of 2018 from the National Beekeeping Centre Wales. See and
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    Mouldy bee suit

    Is there any way of getting mould off a bee suit, which was stored when still damp?
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    Here's a great beekeeping blog..

    Here's a great beekeeping blog The apiarist, full of useful information
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    Worker or drone foundation in the supers?

    Do you use worker foundation in the supers? Do you use drone foundation in the supers?