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    hello from grimsby

    suite lol. sometimes me fingers just run away with the keyboard. :judge:
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    hello from grimsby

    i was shown the path by a member here called claire . defo be staying as some good info here... ive just got my smoker and suite ordered today with confirmation of my first nuc. its a good day.
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    Nuc wanted for 2013 season (NE England)

    santa was very kind to me! a nuc wanted pls.
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    nuc wanted , lincolnshire.

    wanting my first nuc, raring to get started ... :thanks:
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    hello from grimsby

    been advised to come here for understanding the basics of bee keeping, i have my national hive built and ready ... i have an allotment with good friends with bees to guide me aswell. i hope to learn some good tips from you good folk. :thanks: