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    Any Builders on here?

    Definitly condensation on the sandstone pillars, I imagine that before you foamed down the edge of the windows there was enough draft between the pillar and the wooden trim to stop condensation forming, is the room occupied?, if so I'll bet that you used to get lots of condensation forming on...
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    Price of logs

    Pallets have a code on them, HT means heat treated,to kill the bugs, so no chemicals, can't remember all the codes but you can find them online. Indian sandstone is very popular at the moment for patios, it often comes packed in hardwood pallets, bonus if you can find them. If you stack the...
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    Sticky gloves+camera

    I "borrowed" a make up remover wet wipe thingy from the lady of the house when she was out shopping, to clean the propolis off my camera, worked a treat. I put it in a silicone glove now, lens poking out the wrist, to keep it clean. I tried to wash my leather gloves in soda crystals they set...
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    probably because they make their pork out of horses.
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    ITMA, You obviously know your stuff cos your from Kent. I didn't mention beef as I'm not sure they can afford it up north and I didn't want it to seem like I was showing off. Perhaps they could try it on tripe though. I really want to put a cheeky grin smilie on but I'm at work and they don't...
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    English mustard, if it goes out of date, turns darker and tastes like Dijon mustard. Nipped home lunch time once, only two bits of bread left, made a ham sandwich with the last of the ham but had trouble finding the mustard, eventually found an unopened colemans jar at the back. Smeared it all...
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    red mite

    I've never found blowtorching that effective. I've used one on my coop several times, the wood is black from scorching, a few seconds later more mites appear out of the crevices. I suppose it will get the numbers down though ready for treatment. I once tried two profesional flea, tick and mite...
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    Varroha Brushing

    Absolutely not suggesting that, no more than Victor Meldrew was suggesting using sulphuric acid. The post drifted to contents of chimneys and what may be in them to kill mites, coal tar will kill mites, probably kill bees as well, but it will kill mites.
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    Varroha Brushing

    Coal tar, kills red mite in chicken houses, or rather kills them when it's in creosote.
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    4 Nucs

    Hello neighbour.
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    Bee inspector arriving tomorrow!

    Rab At least give credit to those that are degree educated and those that do know a lot about bees I thought that was exactly what I was doing.
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    Bee inspector arriving tomorrow!

    Rab, I must be mis-understanding, I've tried but I'm still reading it the same way. Completely agree with your next paragraph though.
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    Bee inspector arriving tomorrow!

    Yep. Sounds like they might know something then. Thought so.
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    Bee inspector arriving tomorrow!

    So your saying a bee inspector knows nothing about bees then? Interesting
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    whats this?!!!!!!!!

    This sounds like the script of a carry on film.
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    whats this?!!!!!!!!

    Know what you mean, after a match once I saw a bloke get out the shower and he left a set of wet footprints and a line on the floor.
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    Can't add attachments

    Did it at home no problem, so I reckon it's the operating system.
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    whats this?!!!!!!!!

    It may look like one "stinger" but it's not really clear in the photo there are two "spiky bits" on it's bum. The longest dark one, the lowest of the two, is in fact three seperate pieces, kind of like a tripod. The shorter yellow one, above the dark one does look like it could give you a bit of...
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    calibrating refractometers

    Tropical marine fish shops will either have a pure water, purer than distilled. that you can purchase, or if it's a "profesional" shop they will do it for you free, don't tell them it's for honey It has to be very accurate for fish and corals, far more accurate than is required for honey.
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    whats this?!!!!!!!!

    Found this dead in the carpark at work. What is it?