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    Are you thinking of joining octopus for electricity?

    Nothing wrong with a smart meter. I have had one for a year and with octopus agile I have saved £400 so far. In fact my bill is less and I charge 2 EV’s as well. If you pay your bills you are not going to be cut off!
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    More early supercedures?

    Early supercedure I am surrounded by OSR and this year I have had four out of six hives superceding from new queens. All my new queens were laying well and seemed to be doing well. The only other factor that I can highlight is the sudden change in weather that we had in August. From the heat of...
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    Honey like marmalade!

    No heather anywhere near me! As it has gone through the fine metal strainer, will bottle as is. Maybe a strainaway next year! Thanks
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    Honey like marmalade!

    My autumn honey is almost as thick as marmalade! Have heated to 49 C and it still wont go through the nylon filter (passed metal sieves with assistance). Anybody had same problem? Trouble is when bottled it looks like orange jam. fantastic taste though.I am in east anglia and am assuming that...
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    Honey tank heater

    Hi Where did you get the heating element etc?