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    Mini Blow Torch

    I converted my smoker so I could light with a small blow torch. Drill a 10mm hole just above the fire grate and make a small flap to cover hole fixed with a self tapping screw. Fill smoker with your favourite fuel and light from the bottom, Cool smoke and easy to light again if it goes out...
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    Wanted: second-hand / cheap bee-suits.

    The bee suits that the main beekeeping supplier shops can be very expensive. I bought a white boiler suit/ coverall from a second hand shop that was cheap and worked perfectly and with a bug veil for a camping shop as all set for my beekeeping!
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    Putting Golden Mean Hive together

    One of the problems with a top bar is that the comb can easily be broken while doing inspections if you are not extremely careful with the honey at the top and then the pollen and the brood at the bottom.To covercome this problem I fitted a 'T' piece about 6" long in the centre of the bar to...
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    What do you run your OA sublimator off?

    Time to go with the Gas-Vap and use a blow torch. Even better, make your own.
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    Any New Zealand Beeks here?

    Auckland Beekeepers Club . Can I help? I am the Past President of the ABC and have been a hobby beekeeper in Auckland for the past 12 years. As said earlier, you cannot bring any bee related equipment with you. See either Ceracell Beekeeping or Ecrotek Beekeeping for prices on equipment...
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    Gasvap Modifications

    Live in New Zealand, too expensive to import GasVap, made my own!
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    Abelo oxalic acid strips

    Here in New Zealand beekeepers are using a absorbant paper strip 5 layers thick and sewn together. The paper is the type they use in taping ceiling plaster boards together to hide the joins. Soaked in the oxalic and glyserine mix and introduced into the hives. They have had good results from...
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    Import of NZ bees into UK

    The bees we have in New Zealand are of the Italian and Carniolan strain. They are very easy to work and extremely calm. We have had British Beekeepers at our club days and they are amazed at how docile are bees are. Many of our experienced beekeepers work their bees without veil or gloves. We do...
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    Has any more information or results of tests come to light since the last posting. Pity to let a new, and maybe , effective product fail to become recognised due to apathy.
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    Mechanical device for lifting brood box/super

    The best way to reduce the weight of your supers would be to go to 3/4 or 1/2 height supers. If you look at Michael Bush's website at he gives the weights of various supers you can expect when full of honey.
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    The active ingredients are printed on the lable: Ethanedoic Acid Green Sulphur Wild Thyme Oil Bioux ( a DEFRA approved virncoe ) on a Calcium Carbonate powder base Anybody know anything about these ingredients ?