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  1. Corbeehives


    Belgosuc | Soft white fondant | 12.5kg 12.5kg Soft White Bakers Fondant [S.FONSW12.5] - £10.30 : Chocolate Falls i believe simon the beek has it on offer atm too
  2. Corbeehives

    black nitrile gloves

    Depends on the bees, All my hives are fine except 1 nasty hive that goes apes**t crazy trying to sting anything black. currently requeening them so fingers crossed it stops.
  3. Corbeehives

    Is the hive queenless

    Yes, You give them a frame with eggs and young lava so they can make queens if they need too. If they've been queenless for a long time they might have laying workers or not have any young bees left who can look after the brood.
  4. Corbeehives

    Newspaper for joining two hives

    Ok thanks for the info
  5. Corbeehives

    Newspaper for joining two hives

    Isn't it best to shake out laying worker colonys as they can kill queens in QRC's if you try to unite them?
  6. Corbeehives

    When I shake the comb

    older (foraging) bees fall off first as they are weaker.
  7. Corbeehives

    Syrup or fondant?

    Still 0-2c at night here
  8. Corbeehives

    Rats trying to chew into polynucs

    A screw and washer through the Queen excluder part of the door will stop it turning.
  9. Corbeehives

    What Extractor to buy?

    Thanks for all the replies so far, i really appreciate the info. I have problems with my lungs so a manual extractor isnt an option sadly, and i can imagine extracting 50+ frames manually 2-4 at a time would be hell. I'd rather pay more now for something steel parts than deal with plastic, i...
  10. Corbeehives

    What Extractor to buy?

    Hi Guys, Looking for some advice on what extractor to buy, i'm a new beek, i currently have 2 hives overwintering but will hopefully have 4-5 by end of next year and also hopefully have a lot of frames to extract. I'll be using manley frames and want a radial electric extractor. Budget is around...
  11. Corbeehives

    Hives light

    It's too cold to be feeding syrup now. Get or make some bakers fondant. Just sugar, water and glucose.
  12. Corbeehives

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Balsam is still out and ivy is out now in South Leicestershire
  13. Corbeehives

    Oxalic acid sublimator / vaporiser
  14. Corbeehives

    August nuc?

    You could try it and if it isnt working out just reunite them.