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  1. Compost Kid

    Can you move bees abroad?

    Hi, we are planning to up sticks and move from East Midlands to Southern Ireland in the next year or so (as soon as it takes to sell). I have ten healthy hives which have taken me a few years to build up and which provide me with some much needed extra cash in honey sales as I am a full-time...
  2. Compost Kid

    Why are my bees drowning?

    Hi, I'm having a problem with bees drowning in the feeder. Everything has been going well up to this week, I'm feeding thick syrup every three or four days to keep them topped up and they've been taking this down nicely. But I've just been out to feed again today and out of my three hives, one...
  3. Compost Kid

    Feeding and treating for varroa

    Hi, tomorrow I am planning to remove the last two supers on my hive (one is almost full and the other is mostly drawn but hardly filled). I am planning to use Apiguard as soon as the supers are off as the mite count was too high. The bees have approx 3 frames of stores in their brood box, will...
  4. Compost Kid

    Hello from Lincolnshire

    Hello, just introducing myself here. I'm in South Lincs and currently have three hives. I've kept bees for a two or three years with mixed success, this year I've discovered a lot more help and joined a local group as well as completed online courses. I still feel like a newbie though!! I...