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    The swarm I collected? A question.

    I took my first 30 second look into the polynuc today, this is the swarm I collected two days ago. The bees are out and about doing what bees do I suppose BUT, they seem to be tightly clustered at the rear of the nuc box on the frames? I assumed for what ever reason they would be in the middle...
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    A discovery about what is killing bees???

    Tonight on the telly on one of those 2 minute news flashes, the lass said there was now evidence or even proof of what was killing bees world wide? Has anyone got any further info on this?
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    Something seen on the polynuc?????

    When i managed to get the queen into the nuc, I closed the lid and left them to it, Louise and I stood and watched them for half an hour to make sure they were ok then we came home for tea and a sit down till half eight. When we went back to the nuc to strap it shut and block the entrance, we...
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    Help required with a swarm!!!

    The hive that was in the flat just down from us has swarmed, not a big one as such but they are as shitty as hell. Lots of high pitched humming from lots of guard bees as we go near the swarm. I have put a poly nuc nto a step ladder under and near to the swarm and I hvae tried sweeping bees...
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    Varroa treatment?

    So, if Varroa treatment is a mixture of Thymol, Camphor, Eucalyptus oil and Menthol, all of which I have in my Aromatherapy box, would it be a hardship to MAKE ones own varroa treatment?
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    Bait box question

    I have a spare hive. If I set this spare hive up on my allotment site, would it attract a swarm or not or are there many variables to take into consideration like the main hive being beside it?
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    Feeding syrup?

    Ladies and gentlemen? Why are my bees NOT eating the syrup I have given them? It is one to one as per the book of words, they cralw up the inside of the tube doofer but don't go near the mix at all. If I dribble some onto them they just "look" at it, clean them selfs and wander away.
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    bees and a nuc of mine.

    I was doing some work this afternoon near to the house. I have an empty nuc there a well. I slowely got aware of a few bees wandering through the air around me. When I looked they were buzzing around the nuc. Would they have been searchers from a swarm or just bees that smelled the nuc and...
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    A colony of bees in a roof.

    Hi peeps. One of the flats near us has a colony of bees in the roof. I had a look at them through binoculars and they looked a bit bigger than my Buckfast bees. I was wondering if they were a wild colony and, if they are, are they protected at all? And, if not, who wants them? Assuming they...
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    To open or not to open, this is the question!!!

    Went and had a look at the hives today.........There were a few dead bees on the landing stage of one of the hives and a few on the ground, (for the pedantic amongs you that amounted to 23 bees). :) The second hive had no sign of anything, not even a huge roar when I knocked it. Just a little...
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    My kit for sale..........

    I have taken a few pics to show the kit. Any questions please do ask. I have a few more pics if needed or look at them all on my flickr account. I am looking for £250 for the lot, no splitting and it will be pick up only to the delicate nature of the kit. Flickr account...
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    A for sale thread??

    Ladles and Jelly spoons, I am selling ALL my microscope kit. Where do I advertise it on the site?
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    A for sale thread??

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    Photograph recognition.................

    I have just been given more "expert" information in regards to training ones bees to recognise one.......Basically, you put a piccy of your face on the inside of the roof of the hive and the bees get to recognise you.........Now, this snippet comes from a non bee keeper who is an expert in...
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    Stupid phone call...........

    Ring ring, ring ring "Hello?" "Oh hellooo John!! Tell me, will you be selling your honey anytime soon? I would like to order half a dozen jars if I may? And, what will the flavour be?".........." I am sorry, there will be no honey ready till at least August this year and even then I am not...
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    heating systems.............

    After carefully explaining to gentleman and his wife this morning about how bees cluster and vibrate to keep warm and what the temps can get to in a hive in the winter with said bees vibrating he says "I wonder if you could put pipes in there and get heated water out?".............I HAD to walk...
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    Did the Oxalic Acid at....

    8am this morning. Has taken me weeks to find the time to do this properly and check the hives properly grrrrrrr!! Minus5 on the thermometer, decent ground frost as well. Opened what I call my "small" hive, the one that swarmed twice last August and October, out of 14 frames, only 4 with bees...
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    An interesting read.......perhaps?

    This came up on my FaceBook this morning. If it has been dealt with on here before, my appologies:).
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    Oxalic Acid

    So, other than having to dress in a space suit and do this in December, how does one "do" the job? Take each frame out and spray/cover with the solution???? John