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  1. Poggle

    How many apiaries in your neck of the woods?

    I have 115 in a 10k radius.
  2. Poggle

    Divine providence ?

    Would you care for an online Blessing then??? Rev.d John T Smith...............:biggrinjester:
  3. Poggle

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Had the delightful Kevin Pope out doing my bee inspection today. And they passed:) I have a bit of a Varroa problem that I am addressing anyway and I will be feeding the hive 2:1 suger and water syrup from tomorrow when this infernal rain stops!!!
  4. Poggle

    Advice needed - Deformed wing virus?

    I too have just had a few bees dead at the entrance with deformed wings. Saw some on the frames as well. My bee inspector is coming next Thursday. I am not hopeful the hive will get a clean bill of health though. If not, then I am giving up. Too much time and effort waisted and money spent...
  5. Poggle

    Wot no wasps!!

    August and September are not that far away:) The fun will start then:)
  6. Poggle

    Environmental health visit

    More so when your jars are over weight and you get a customer who complains about it...............True fact that Louise (my wife) had at our local market where she sells her jams and chutnies...............
  7. Poggle

    NBU Starvation Warning

    We have a chap in the area who does just that. He empties the hives to supply his customers who get ever larger in number then spends more time trying to keep the hives alive by feeding them! Last year he starved several hives to death with this way of doing things and all due to him getting...
  8. Poggle

    The swarm I collected? A question.

    Ok, ta muchly:)
  9. Poggle

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Down the allotment last year I said to someone I reckoned there would be thunder, when he asked why, I said coz my bees are being as shitty as hell with me, his answer was "Yer taking the P again Jock!!" and walked back to his shed shaking his head, half an hour later the first flash of...
  10. Poggle

    The swarm I collected? A question.

    I took my first 30 second look into the polynuc today, this is the swarm I collected two days ago. The bees are out and about doing what bees do I suppose BUT, they seem to be tightly clustered at the rear of the nuc box on the frames? I assumed for what ever reason they would be in the middle...
  11. Poggle

    Garden fires

    My hives are on my allotment, from September to May we have fires going on plots all the time when the weather is decent. I had a 12 foot diameter fire burning all our old fruit bushes this April. It was around 20 yards from the hives and nothing happened. The plot holders on each side had...
  12. Poggle

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    This is the first time I have heard of using a mister instead of smoke when doing an inspection. What are the main pros and cons of this over smoke?
  13. Poggle

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Went to allotment and had a look at the new nuc from yesterday, one or two bees flying in and out in the rain, nothing from my "own" hive.
  14. Poggle

    A discovery about what is killing bees???

    Thank you for the post and the heads up. I was about to do a varroa check and buy more varroa strips or even make my own up.
  15. Poggle

    A discovery about what is killing bees???

    Tonight on the telly on one of those 2 minute news flashes, the lass said there was now evidence or even proof of what was killing bees world wide? Has anyone got any further info on this?
  16. Poggle

    Something seen on the polynuc?????

    It must turn black then in the sun. And, I wont worry about it any more. Thanks guys.
  17. Poggle

    Help required with a swarm!!!

    So, moving on could be due to being to big for the area? Hmmmmmmm, I reckon they will be ok then, there are five frames in the nuc with one more to go in when they settle down a wee bit and I reckon there is only Three full frames of bees, if you see what I mean so, lots of space for them to...
  18. Poggle

    Something seen on the polynuc?????

    I thought bee crap was black??????? It is when it is being **** all over my polytunnel:D
  19. Poggle

    Something seen on the polynuc?????

    When i managed to get the queen into the nuc, I closed the lid and left them to it, Louise and I stood and watched them for half an hour to make sure they were ok then we came home for tea and a sit down till half eight. When we went back to the nuc to strap it shut and block the entrance, we...