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  1. Brenda

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Amber nectar, going great guns on the Japanese Knotweed, I too have never seen this nectar before here in the NE Scotland.
  2. Brenda


    It is true that the more you render Beeswax the darker it becomes. Bleach to my mind is a No No, as beeswax holds smell which a judge will pounce on. Good beeswax only smells of itself, however exhibitors sometimes display it in containers which have a slight aroma, this would mark it down...
  3. Brenda

    Bee friendly weedkiller

    What about controlled scorching, as the Bees will keep away from this and so will everyone else. Failing that Goats will eat anything although must be supervised too. Only problem is built up areas are no go, only method would be dusk or dawn spraying as there is not a Bee friendly Weedkiller...
  4. Brenda

    Rendering Beeswax

    I guess you can, however I cannot imagine what you would pour this wax on to except rainwater in a basin, as I have never had to do this I would be asking them to accept ounces for grating, then you can mould them. If you were to pour droplets on to water this would take an eternity and I guess...
  5. Brenda

    Northumberland Honey Queens

    What I like about Black Bees is their beautiful Capping of my comb when they finish off the ripened honey, be it Section or frame, this is excellent from a selling point of view, however their temperament can put beekeepers off (sparky) although I can accept this as it is the end product I...
  6. Brenda


    Could be Catmint nearby or water mint if there is a stream.
  7. Brenda

    Using fondant instead of honey/syrup in min nucs.

    I always use fondant for my mini nuc
  8. Brenda

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Deadnettle has reddish pollen.
  9. Brenda

    Workers do move eggs

    Eggs, it may happen more than we think.
  10. Brenda

    Workers do move eggs

    Yes, I have experience of moved
  11. Brenda

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    It is Goatsbeard.
  12. Brenda

    New beekeeping from Pembrokeshire

    You are a proper Beekeeper, I agree! Just takes a wee while to cull your desire to keep all, we have all been there and worn the Teashirt. Keep your enthusiasm level up and enjoy your hobby above else.
  13. Brenda

    New beekeeping from Pembrokeshire

    Welcome from the NE of Scotland, I like your passion! However I do not like your amount of Hives for a new Beekeeper, too many too soon, as problems will try to overpower your passion. Reduce amount whenever possible would be my advice. Slow and steady would be best at the beginning, maybe...
  14. Brenda

    Amazing series of films about skep beekeeping in Germany

    Nobody knows everything about Beekeeping, that is what I like about the Craft, always learning!
  15. Brenda

    Cut comb

  16. Brenda

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Have seen fields of Mustard in England, however if it is high Glucose Nectar I do not know. My guess would have been probably!
  17. Brenda

    Amazing series of films about skep beekeeping in Germany

    We have a few Skep Makers around here, who used to give demonstrations of there hobby. They are very useful for catching a swarm in, especially if you have an enclosed top one. A Gentleman very kindly made me a light skep some years ago and gifted it to me for swarms. There is no top hole...
  18. Brenda

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Meadowsweet just starting to flower up here although not in too close vicinity. Limes still not flowering yet, maybe too dry for good crop as we are hoping everyday for rain, grass is brown around. Willow bay again not flowering yet.
  19. Brenda

    Just 1 Tree

    One tree would have to be Willow because it is an early source of Pollen for the Bees. Currently the Bees fly on Willow, Sycamore, Holly, Oak, Lime, Spring Laurel and Portuguese later, both in the form of Hedging, with large specimens of Boxwood. My Bees are in a very old garden of an Estate...