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  1. Drewdrew

    Forum mods powers.

    Are they encrypted in the database? Before you answer, know I administer forums, and know my way around XF How's about answering my other question as well? Which countries laws does this forum adhere to? UK? USA? Panama?
  2. Drewdrew

    Forum mods powers.

    Angie and the admin team have access to all PMs. - Note 'admin team' are NOT the mods. Never, ever, ever, ever say anything in PM you don't want others knowing. Get someone's email or phone number and whatsapp number. This forum is USA owned and operated, not UK, with Panama also being listed...
  3. Drewdrew


    The sports facilities are second to none. Dorney Lake was built by, is owned by, and managed by the college. Look it up on Google to see the scale of it. Most of the land North of Windsor, and South of Slough is college land (except Dorney Reach where the rich and famous live). Eton is well...
  4. Drewdrew


    Do you mean the schools? If so, yes.
  5. Drewdrew


    You mean you replied to a thread, that someone else started? Rather than you starting a thread, and adding to the (1) already there?
  6. Drewdrew


    Received my private message (conversation) Monday at 2010hrs. Its now Wednesday 1715hrs and the new forum has 1 thread. Not even the mods have posted in there. Says it all really.
  7. Drewdrew

    Inaccessible swarm

    What powder is licensed for bees?
  8. Drewdrew

    Scout bees? Or am i getting excited over nothing?

    I've had 2 calls in the last week from one of my apiaries. "Your bees are swarming!!!! Quick!!!" On the other end of the phone, I'm scratching my head, wonder WTF their on about. The apiary has some queenless nucs in there, awaiting hatching. They hadn't swarmed. Apparently, 2 big swarms (or the...
  9. Drewdrew

    Apiary density with 10km

    151 at one apiary 90 at another, just over 3 miles away from the one above. I don't personally believe a word of it.
  10. Drewdrew

    Sugar prices

    Must have been looking at the wrong thing, or your store is being silly. In Booker, 25Kg is £16.50 of Tate and Lyle Granulated Cane Sugar. The same in 1kg bags, case of 15 is £8.99 Same on their website.
  11. Drewdrew

    Plate warming cabinet

    1. The power lead goes into the STC 1000. The tube heater is wired direct into the STC 1000 STC 1000 monitors the temperature, and activates the heater when needed, turns it off when not. The STC1000 is accurate enough to keep a constant temperature. I use them in incubators and brooders...
  12. Drewdrew

    Charge for cut out?

    Yes. Varies, depending on many factors. These include, access, complexity, environment, time, length of drive etc. What has been agreed with the client (can we leave them to make right, or do we do it ourselves, any guarantees, time restrictions). But, we have a business to run, and all the...
  13. Drewdrew

    Viable excuses to your better half for buying more kit ?

    Just tell her they (the suppliers) rang you up, and said you'd been chosen at random, to test their product. They then want your honest review of it, and your thoughts may appear on their website and catalogue. It can take a long time to get an opinion of something.......
  14. Drewdrew

    Influenza Housing measures to end 31st March

    I take back what I said. Just seen this from NFU EDIT to add: More here Avian Influenza: Housing measures set to be lifted on 31 March
  15. Drewdrew

    Influenza Housing measures to end 31st March

    AFAIK, next review at APHA is April 5th. Unless you can back this 31st March up with evidence, I think @Erichalfbee or @jenkinsbrynmair should hide this until proven.
  16. Drewdrew

    Bee base benefits.

    What he said ☝☝ Plus, those who decide to get bees in the garden (wouldn't that be nice dear), join the local BKA, get told to register on BeeBase, and then kill / lose their bees and give up, never to try again. But still registered as an apiary.
  17. Drewdrew

    Hardwood cuttings

    Haven't started on the apples yet, just the plums. Apples will be next year. We've got some root stock growing at the moment, and will graft our favourites, and the cider apples onto them 👍😎
  18. Drewdrew

    Hardwood cuttings

    I did it with our plum trees back in January. We've got a few different varieties, in our orchard. It had been abandoned for quite a few years before we bought it last year. All the trees were growing wildly, and needed taming. When pruning, I kept a number of appropriately sized branches back...
  19. Drewdrew

    BBKA Insurance withdrawn

    This makes no sense to me 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Are you saying that your own policy isn't being renewed? That you made a claim, and the value of that claim was too high? Or you made to many claims? What does 'because not big enough marked' mean?