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  1. Toffeesmum

    Observation Hive Management Tips???

    Observation Hive Management Hi all, have a gorgeous, new, shiny Dual Use Obs Hive from website of this name! Collected from Spring Convention. I am on 14 x 12's but the Obs Hive is National, so I have a colony drawing the National frames for me in preparation. I plan to either shook swarm...
  2. Toffeesmum

    Deformed Wing Virus

    One of my colonies (only one in the locality) has DWV. What treatment can I use now, if any?? Thank you in advance
  3. Toffeesmum

    Chicken pecker blocks

    Hi Does anyone have a 'recipe' to make your own 'pecker blocks' for hens? I've bought some for mine in the past and they're rather expensive. They are the hard doner-kebab shaped things made with corn and are hung up to give the hens something to play with. Thank you in advance
  4. Toffeesmum

    To shade or not to shade?!

    I will be creating a new out-apiary next Spring. Site info is... very large site which would accommodate numerous hives in terms of foraging availability and space. No other hives will share site with me. I only plan to place two hives initially and see how things progress. The site is...
  5. Toffeesmum

    Jars - from who & how much?

    Hi All, I appreciate you are not able to tell me exactly from whom you source your jars/containers from and I am still very interested in the thread from last year about the well-known supermarket Value lemon curd at 22p per jar. Is this 'legal' to reuse these jars? Once cleaned and...
  6. Toffeesmum

    Is it 'false' economy?

    Hi All, I am sure I am not alone on this, at this time of year, but orders to equipment suppliers appears to be a regular thing at the moment!! We use 14 x 12 and are planning to purchase another full hive set up and found that M****m*r* sell a complete set up incl 2 x supers...
  7. Toffeesmum

    Post OA treatment = dead bees... is this 'normal'

    Hello everyone, Is it 'normal' to find 100+'ish dead bees out the front of the hive, as well as scraping many more through the entrance, having lifted the mouse guard, a day after treating with OA?? It was pre-mixed and from a batch used on many other hives owned by a friend. I trickled 5ml...
  8. Toffeesmum

    Himalayan Balsam

    Yippee, yippee, my girls have obviously now found the HB down on the banks of the River Severn and are currently returning home sporting 'Go Faster' white stripes across their backs. What are yours currently bringing home??? Clever little things!!!
  9. Toffeesmum

    Wax capping vodka - anyone done this??

    Whilst looking at what to do with my jug full of sticky cappings following my first ever extraction, I found a thread on here about using vodka to make an interesting honey flavoured tipple (for own consumption of course!) Question - have you done this? I guess its just the case of 'steeping'...
  10. Toffeesmum

    Advise to new beekeepers - get a mentor (if you can!)

    For a change, a thread of observation as opposed to request for help/advise... if you are new to bee keeping, where possible get a mentor... they are INVALUABLE!! We 'snared' our Mentor from this site (you know who you are (wink)) and had a few questions well before we took it any further...
  11. Toffeesmum

    My home-made contact feeder!!!

    Hi guys, Being a newbie beek, initial outlays of money for equipment can be never-ending, so being creative (as well as mean (according to husband)), I'm always looking at ways of saving money as well as upcycling items!!! Anyway, after acquiring some food grade plastic containers which have...
  12. Toffeesmum

    Help needed - rather random question!!

    Hi guys, Bit of a random one this... In terms of bee keeping I am a total newbie having installed my first Nuc colony on 1st May into a 14 x 12 hive with a 2012 queen. Pleased to say they're doing amazing, expending well and so docile I could tickle them under the chin!!... However, in terms...
  13. Toffeesmum

    14 x 12 - what's your opinion??

    Hello again all, Am considering purchasing some 14 x 12 hives, second hand. We are total neebies and booked onto the Shropshire BKA course in March, but would like your general view on this hive style before making a decision on the purchase. Many thanks in advance!
  14. Toffeesmum

    Bee-Keeping Protective Suit - your recommendations appreciated

    Hello it's me again. Many thanks for all the help/tips so far. I attended the Shropshire BKA meeting last night and really enjoyed it. Networked a little and was engrosed at the presentation given by Graham Royle from Cheshire who was interesting and entertaining. As mentioned before we will...
  15. Toffeesmum

    Yippee - First meeting with Shropshire BKA - what questions should I ask??!!

    Hello again all, I'm rather excited as I plan to attend my first BKA meeting this evening in Shrewsbury with the Shropshire BKA. As I mentioned in my last thread, we've planned to take up bee-keeping for more years than I can remember and this year we are finally doing something about it!! I...
  16. Toffeesmum

    Choosing a hive?

    Hello there Bee people... after 'planning' to have bees for more years than I wish to think about, we're finally taking the plunge. I am enrolled with the local BKA to attend the theory course next month and am currently researching the topic as much as possible in preparation. Now, we are not...
  17. Toffeesmum

    Hello and thank you in advance

    Well, after talking the talk for more years than I can remember, we're finally doing another thing on our 'tick' list and about to commence the fascinating hobby/pasttime of bee-keeping. I thank you all in advance for your help and advise, which I am sure I'll be asking for. I am hoping to...