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  1. nottingham

    anyone consider selling a few frames of brood?

    Hi, I was wondering if any members would be willing to sell me a few frames of brood on standard national brood frames. I was also thinking that if there was a market for selling frames of brood without bees on the frames how much would the going price be? I was thinking £5 - £8 a frame. I look...
  2. nottingham


    WASPINATOR is a product that stops wasps in there tracks but doesn't kill a single wasp! This might just stop the upset and name calling! Within Thread: It seems some what alarming to me that some members just have to...
  3. nottingham

    I am making some starter hives with a difference and need advice

    Hi, I am going to make a few starter hives to increase the amount of colonies I have. Hoping to start in 3 - 4 weeks time. I was thinking of letting the queen lay in a super on top of the BB and graft into wax cups on a super frame above the QX (about 10 - 12 cells) (Not forgetting to put...