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  1. J

    How close the hives

    I was wondering how close can hives be put together. I have a bench with two hives on, one from last year and one from a swarm collected tuesday, but I have gained another swarm that was originaly going to a friend with an empty hive, went to tip bees in his hive yesterday only to find some...
  2. J

    Famous last words.

    Just bought a new patio table ,four chairs and umberella (co op £49 a bargain) Table needed assembling so was erecting it out side very close to my hive. My partner was with me and said are the bees ok, ??? of course, they will be ok they wont sting you they are to busy working, turned round to...
  3. J

    Full Brood box.

    Just checked hive and brood box is very full now, I have a super which is half filled with honey on top of queen excluder, should I put another brood box on top of full one, then QE then replace super or will a that be to much room for them?
  4. J

    Whats going on ?

    Just checked hive this afternoon and found the entrance to hive stuffed full of bees. they all have thier bums hanging out but are not fanning, just sitting there, my other hive is quite normal?
  5. J

    re homing

    Got to move my bees tomorrow, no choice. They are in a 5 frame nuc and I have a brood box ready for them, question is do I put bees in new hive where the nuc is now during the day and move them late evening ?or move nuc to new home then re home in brood box the next day? Jez
  6. J

    No queens ?

    My bees swarmed last monday 23rd may, managed to catch them in a Nuc. They seem to be doing well , have drawn out a lot of comb and filling with food. But there is no brood, and I cant see a queen. Also checked main hive and there is no brood at all now, suggesting I have two hives that are...
  7. J

    Nuc'ed bees

    Hi all. Very new bee keeper here,had my fist hive june last year, survived the winter and doing well , but they have just swarmed. I have managed to capture them in a nuc that I bought, and was wondering how long can I keep them in there until I get my new hive finished and ready for them. The...