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    Hybrid Rape

    Is this a viable nectar crop for the bees, I've heard several opinions but does anyone have actual experience of placing bees on hybrid rape crops? Want to make sure its not only beneficial for the farmer but beneficial for myself and my colonies. Many Thanks
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    Books Passed Down To Me :D :D

    Recently visited my Grandad who had inherited beekeeping books over the years and since he doesn't do beekeeping he passed them on to me :D :D :D. Some really old stuff here scared to even turn the pages I think from possibly 1930's to 1990's 1 definitely looked signed and a couple others has...
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    Overwintering possibilities.

    Hello Fellow Beeks, Nice simple question for you all a matter of preference really. If you had the equipment available what would you prefer to do for overwintering transfer the colonies in a double brood poly Nuc box or keep in a standard commercial wooden brood box with roof and sealed open...
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    Bait Hive activity has got me curious :)

    Well been a while since I posted anything been around tho just lurking in dark corners :D. I put a old hive in the garden 1-2 days ago with 2 old brood frames and 9 fresh frames, come home form work today to see a fair bit of activity. Bees in and out and little bits of pollen going in which...
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    National Open Mesh Floor

    Hello, I bought a load of National/Commercial Open Mesh Floors in the T sales, after constructing a few of them I'm really not to confident of the structure of these things. Anyone used these in the past? Did you assemble like instructions said or did you tinker a bit to give them a little...
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    Regarding any Beeks Near Dunton on A127

    Hey Just a quick suggestion for any of you with bees in this area, GO check your hives!! you could be losing tons of bees. In a space of 2 hours walking around the bootsale I physically saw 2 big swarms, 1 landed on someone big rhododendron plant they was trying to sell which caused a crowd...
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    Hive Alive BBC2 On Now!

    Hive Alive BBC2 On Now! Heads up in case no one seen it advertised. Ben
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    Assassin Honey Bees :(

    I've been contacted by the farmer today, seems my bees have killed several magpies that were all caught in the Larsen traps. 1. What could of caused this? 2. How to prevent this in future? I've never had any issues like this with my bees but I'm told that my bees have been using all water...
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    To Early For Splits?????

    Well I done my weekly inspection this evening and all I can say of WOWzers. I have 2 Nationals + 1 Langstroth. National Hive No.1 is the tiny late split I made last season which made it through, its currently on Brood + Super. Has 10 brood frames and 2 super frames of brood and 1 brood frame...
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    Anyone had swarms yet?

    Hey, Anyone had any swarm calls or collected any swarms yet? Got a message from the farmer today saying they saw tons of bees looking as tho they was lost, I asked the farmer if it looked like a big cloud and they said yes. On looking into the apiary I had 2 overwintered hives which I didn't...
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    Honey Jars & Lids Problems

    Well only another problem seems everything I order to do with bees goes wrong somewhere. I ordered 12oz Hex jars (84 pack) from a company, 100 gold tamper stickers, 100 gold honeycomb 63 mm lids. Well its all arrived after getting sent to wrong address, meh it happens not everyone perfect. I...
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    Pollen got me puzzled...

    Hey All, Quick question what the hell do you do with all this pollen?? Last season my hive overwintered with 2 frames of pollen and by spring they was all moldy and manky, Atm there bringing in ALOT of pollen main hive filled 2 brood frames with solid pollen in 1 week. What am i supposed to...
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    Advice Please On Split

    Hello, Well basically my main hive was swarming, 2 splits later and a new mated queen introduced the swarming is down to 0 queen cells or maybe 1-2 charged on a weekly inspection which is far better than the 15+ i was getting. Both splits i did i left with queen cells from main hive, Split 2...
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    Queen Confusion

    Okay so today's inspection was both a real mess/headache, a couple of stings etc etc. But my questions are on queens if thats okay. 1. When a virgin queen goes out on mating flights, when HM has successfully mated will she change colour???? 2. Will a mated queen from 1 hive leave and join the...
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    Clematis Propagation Queries

    Okay I'm not a huge gardener but like growing the odd eatable in the greenhouse and prepared beds. Looking to tidy and liven up both front and back garden over the next couple of years which will be preparing new beds, adding well rotted material for added nutrients, as well as reseeding lawns...
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    Supers started to bow :(.

    On inspection other day i noticed nearly every super brand new last year from seconds sales, has started to bow on the face where hand grips are :(. Some are so bad now that bees can just squeeze in and out through them, so now i have to bodge them up with strips of plywood which makes...
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    I really don't understand bees sometimes :(

    Well what the title says :(. I've had a great start to the season with my hive last week i had 9 deep + 7 shallow national frames of brood in all stages + a full super of stores. They had just starting laying eggs in the play cups so i decided to do a split, removed 3 brood + 2 stores (1 brood...
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    Swienty Poly Langstrothe Hives

    Hello, What do you use or do to protect the rims/walls of the components from damaging and dented when seperated them with a hive tool? I'm sure putting a hive tool between and levering the boxes away would damage them unless coated with something to protect them? Thanks
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    Wiring Frames

    Hello, Can't be bothered to go into details as not in best of moods. Can you wire frames without brass/metal eyelets in the pre drilled holes? How much will it effect life expectancy? Thanks
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    Swarming Has Begun!

    Well I checked on my buzzing bees last wednesday and found many play cups no eggs or wetness to them, anyway story short i pulled them all down and place my second super on. Today i went to check again being 1 week to find 15-20 more queen cells this time all little ones along the top...