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    Colony swarming or superseding?

    9th jun - National single BB, 11 frms brood (just sealed brood), 2 sealed Qcells. Action - both squashed. 21st jun - test frm added. Result - no Q cells drawn. 1st july - no eggs in colony, rest frame added. Result - no Q cells drawn. 12th july - 3 forms brood, BIAS. Three cheers. 22nd july - 6...
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    Hawthorn honey

    Hi all, I am extracting frames of Spring honey which I think is mainly hawthorn (from the taste) and dandelion (semi-gelatinous). The first super had to be almost pushed through a 0.5mm metal mesh sieve and I needed to squeeze much of it then though muslin into a honey bucket. I am not looking...
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    Virgin queen introduction

    Hi all, I have a virgin queen in an incubator cage (harvested yesterday 10th June, hatched today 11th June) and I want to introduce it to a queenless colony. The virgin was hatched from a sealed queen cell from this colony which also had a second sealed Q cell that I destroyed before continuing...
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    Drawing super foundation

    I know that it is usual for bees to draw foundation early in the season but there is a good heather flow currently and I need super foundation drawn for next year. Is it feasible to try at this time of year? Tips appreciated. alan