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  1. Lofty

    Snelgrove Boards & Brace Comb ?

    I've just spent an extremely enjoyable few weeks making myself a nuymber of 14x12 Deep National hives and supers from red cedar all built to provide top bee space. My intended configuration is OMF, Brood box, QE, 2 x Supers, Snelgrove Board, Brood Box, Crown Board and Roof. My question is...
  2. Lofty

    Hi from newbie in Hampshire

    Another Hello from Hampshire .. enjoy the forum
  3. Lofty

    Any decent Bee apps?

    Apiary Software Having just read the reply above I've configured a device magic account to work with my Blackberry Playbook and added a cloud account (all free of charge) and imported and modified Phil's form. What an excellent set up and so much more flexible than the previous system I was...
  4. Lofty

    Newbee in Hampshire

    Welcome ... Welcome from another Hampshire resident ... you've started on a path that will often make you scream but generally smile. Enjoy ..
  5. Lofty

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    The best laid plans .. I’m not overly proud of this post but I hope someone else may learn from it .. I had the best of intentions last evening to retrieve my 14x12 hive and super from the New Forest before the weather broke. All went well with the entrance being secured and super removed...
  6. Lofty

    Keeping Bees on MOD land...

    MOD Land I too approached my establishment to keep a couple of Nationals on site and was told that it was fine and would be encouraged. After a full inspection of the site with the Estate Manager he dropped the bombshell that the cost would be £50 / year regardless of the quantity of hives...
  7. Lofty

    ECOSTAT Defect

    Does anyone have a component list / schematic / test procedure for the Ecostat V8 controller? I have just inherited a very well made warming cabinet that was working until I arrived and it went "pop" as it was unplugged. Examination of the PCB shows at least 2 resistors burnt out as well as the...
  8. Lofty

    Nucs & Full colonies & equipment for sale Hampshire

    Hi Andy, I may well be interested in a Nuc if timings / distance work out. Any details would be welcome. Regards, Mark
  9. Lofty

    New Hive Established

    Finally released the queen today having been given a colony over the weekend but without a queen who had reverted to her old hive somehow but was delivered 2 days later. Had to cut out 5 sealed queen cells that were produced in those 2 days and a further 2 that were produced whilst I kept the...
  10. Lofty

    2011 National 5 frame Nucs for sale Hampshire

    2011 Nucs Not sure if you will have any left by the time you get this far down the email trail ... I would happily take a Nuc off you early May, I am based in Fareham and can collect at your convenience. Mark B.