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  1. nubee 61

    creamed honey

    i thought i would have a go at making some creamed honey this year but i can not find any in the shops around me does any one know or recommend ware i could get some creamed honey for me to use as the seed crystals i can only find one on the internet that was on the Amazon site.
  2. nubee 61

    creamed honey

  3. nubee 61

    best before date

    I have a chance to sell some of this years honey to my local health food shop but i understand that there are certain things that have to be on the label of which one is the best before date can any one advise me on what i should put on them many thanks in advance
  4. nubee 61

    2014 nuc,s for sale

    i have 3, 6 frame nuc,s for sale on standard national frames all with this year queens. i am near Colchester in Essex £80.00 each
  5. nubee 61

    2nd super

    i have 2 hives with there supers 3/4 full do i put the 2nd super on top of the old one or under it on top of the BB(never needed more than one before) thanks
  6. nubee 61

    Apiguard and feeding

    I am sure that i have read on the forum somewhere that you can do your Apiguard treatment and feed at the same time can someone confirm this. Also what you you suggest the set up to be.
  7. nubee 61

    Queen - now or later?

    After a very long round of swarming and re hiving i have ended up with two Q- colonies one is in a poly nuc box and the other which is quite a weak colony(not many bees) in a national 14x12. My question is do i try to re queen one of them before i unite or do it after? i have a spare brood box...
  8. nubee 61

    is this a queen cell

    Hi i will just explain events from the past few weeks, on my first inspection about 6/7 weeks ago i found my bees bursting at the seems in their standard national BB so decided to convert to a 14x12 BB which i put on about 3 weeks ago(we had a bit of a good spell of weather that as we know...
  9. nubee 61


    This is my first spring of bee keeping as i didnt get my colony of bees until late may of last year. After my first inspection of the year about 4 weeks ago i found my brood box bursting with bees with sealed brood on at least 6 frames,so i decided to change over to a 14x12 brood box to give...
  10. nubee 61

    fumidil b

    Hi - can anyone help?? - never mixed up syrup before - previously bought ambrosia but am just in middle of making up fumidil b treatment - instructions say 7 pts of water to 14lb sugar with 1 dessertspoon of formidil b but have to keep temp to below 49 degrees according to instructions. syrup...
  11. nubee 61

    whats this

    Hi This morning i placed a clearer board under my super as i want to start my varroa treatment.Then this afternoon at about 4 pm i went to make sure every thing had settled down ok.When i got to the hive it was covered in what looked like yellow paint splashes took a pic with my phone can any...
  12. nubee 61

    observation hive in my shed

    Hi i am thinking of building an observation hive for next year does any body have any thoughts on this. i was thinking of keeping it in my garden shed. would it be much different to keeping a normal hive or is there a lot more to it.
  13. nubee 61

    14x12 or brood +half

    for next season i think i would like to increase my brood space as this year i have been constantly scraping off comb from the top of frames that also buries about half the QX which makes the bees quite angry when i remove the QX for inspections at the mo i have standard national brood box does...
  14. nubee 61

    bees in the super

    can any one tell me how to encourage my bees in to the super. i got a 6 frame nuc at the end of may wich i transfered to a national 11 frames 1 dummy board(this is my first hive)wich i then fed them i reckon about 10 litres of syrup. when i inspected them about 3 weeks ago it was full of bees...
  15. nubee 61

    varroa board

    my first year keeping bees and was wondering should the varroa board be kept in under the mesh floor all the time or only when you want to check for mites ps i have learnt so much by reading other peoples questions that this is actually my fist