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  1. Antipodes

    Beeswax competition

    I'm hoping for some guidance for presentation of beeswax for judging. It is to be " a 500 gram block". Is there a rule for how exact that weight needs to be and is there any guidance as to the shape /depth of the block? If there are no rules, what is considered the best way of presentation...
  2. Antipodes

    If you like trains...and breeding queens.

    This method has been discussed on the forum before. I've gotta say, it does look like fun! You could attach the smoker to the boxes to make it more realistic.
  3. Antipodes

    What type of cell is this?

    I've never seen a cell quite like this before. It's in a colony that has a newly emerged supersedure queen. To me it looks like a "dreen" cell :) Ordinary capped drone and worker cells can be seen near it. It looks like I dented the top of it taking it out...but please ignore that.
  4. Antipodes

    Uncapping knife heating

    Having always used an electric knife and uncapping fork, I'm going to try a purpose build uncapping knife- serrated edge on one side and an ordinary edge on the be water heated. I have four of them. What do people who use these find is the best method of heating and managing them...
  5. Antipodes

    Purple Hive Project-Varroa D

    I have a feeling that someone has already provided a link to this, but I can't find it on here at the moment. Anyhow, if they haven't, I'm wondering what thoughts are about it please? The above link seems...
  6. Antipodes

    What's happening here?

    I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion about what is happening here please? Thanks
  7. Antipodes

    What's happening here?

    Inspected a colony yesterday. First frame had a queen cell on it and the colony was a little smaller than I had hoped for. No eggs but capped larvae. I thought the queen had died perhaps, but the next frame had the queen on it. She is a young queen who had been laying well enough. Photos...
  8. Antipodes

    Pollen source?

    Hi all, There is always one that must wear different coloured pants. Any idea about this pollen? I can't say I've ever seen it before, nor were there any other bees seen carrying any.
  9. Antipodes

    Queen cells

    This is a photo of queen cells from a friend's hive. The one second from left is opened and a queen has emerged. If these are supersedure cells, how often do members see swarms issue from these, presuming these are the only two cells and the colony is strong?
  10. Antipodes

    Unexpected surprise under the swarm lure box

    Inspected in a lure box today that I had precariously set up on the top of a very old tree stump remnant. The box was empty today, but for a large European queen wasp ....and a spider, who had made a couple of good webs in there. I left the lid off and went on to inspect adjacent hives...
  11. Antipodes

    Bee trees

    I thought it might be of interest to share photos of your local wild/feral colony bee tree. This is a big old white gum. Entrance about halfway up the thick trunk where a branch snapped off years ago.
  12. Antipodes

    Rugby- Wallabies v's All Blacks

    Try not to look at the score if you can catch a replay...what a game.
  13. Antipodes

    Queen bee size changes

    Can anyone please share information about the size changes to a queen bee during her life? It seems to me that a newly emerged and unmated queen is not too much bigger than a worker (the initial size depends somewhat on how well the larva was fed), once mated however, she is somewhat larger in...
  14. Antipodes

    Bees dying in flowers

    Noticed what I thought to be bees feeding happily in cherry blossoms but it turns out they were lethargic and nearly dead. The one in the second photo has been there for hours now. I presume they were feeding and then got cold and were on their last legs anyhow? First photo sweet cherry...
  15. Antipodes

    Queen- blocked sting chamber?

    I inspected a hive at an out apiary early September...I think...following our winter. I noticed good numbers of bees but no brood. All other hives had stacks of brood. I searched the colony for eggs and a queen but nothing. No signs of a laying worker. I transferred some brood with eggs...
  16. Antipodes

    Eucryphia lucida-protective substance

    Luckily for the beekeeper, the tree produces an unusual bright resin-like substance to protect the swelling buds and flowers from insect attack. Photographed today.
  17. Antipodes

    Italian Bees

    Does anyone on the forum keep Italian bees? I bought some last year from a good breeder to introduce a change in genetics, mainly due to chalkbrood with my mongrel bees. So far I've noticed that they have built up well, seemed to have many more drones in late Autumn than the mongrel hives did...
  18. Antipodes

    What's in this cell?

    Going through the hive this arvo looking to remove the lowest box when I noticed an odd looking cell. Something is embedded in what looks like pollen. Anyone keen to take a guess as to what the something is or have seen anything like it before? The first photo shows the cell in question and...
  19. Antipodes

    Moisture in capped frames of honey

    I've harvested some nicely capped leatherwood from the rainforest. Occasional frames were noticeably fatter on one side, probably because I hadn't spaced the frames properly. I noticed when uncapping the fatter frames, that the honey was quite runny and just fell away from the uncapping...
  20. Antipodes

    Useful tools/accessories

    I'm not sure if this topic exists, but I'm interested in what you have found to be the most (sometimes surprisingly) useful tool or accessory you use in the apiary or workshop. I suppose the hive tool is just about top of the list (I use the J tool), but I've found the little stainless queen...