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  1. Quatermain

    Sugar type

    David To answer your question, use white granulated sugar and not raw or brown sugar as these can upset the bees stomach. Feed at ratio of 2lbs to 1pint or to make it simple if using a bucket feeder just fill just from the top with sugar (so you have some stirring room) and fill with hot water...
  2. Quatermain

    red mite

    1/2 bleach 1/2 vinegar solution sprayed on hen house does the trick
  3. Quatermain

    feeding and treating - cant find thread sorry!

    Yep fine to treat and feed at the same time. A small nuc of mine got through 5 litres of syrup in a week while treating with the stinky Api Var blocks so didn't seem to bother them at all. Have you had any problems with robbing? Just a thought regarding the light stores....
  4. Quatermain


    Sorry to hear that. Little &£)/;!"(£&. Mindless. Anyway, lucky everything was nicely gummed up! I'm sure they'll soon recover. All the best.
  5. Quatermain

    First sting!

    I'm pretty new to all this beekeeping lark having only got a nuc in mid June. I remember my grandfather inspecting his ladies wearing a Trilby with some net curtain draped over it. Given my ridiculously sensitive skin and reaction to a mozzy bite I reckon I'm going to suffer hideously from a bee...
  6. Quatermain

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Plenty of blue cornflowers out when I took the dog for a walk earlier. Or could be Willow herb if a darker blue
  7. Quatermain

    Weald Farm Orders

    I know beekeeping isn't an exact science and I'm willing to wait a few weeks or so if need be, but I ordered a Mid May nuc in March and if it wasn't for my many emails and phone calls I very much doubt I would have heard anything at all from the guy. I've still had nothing from him except a list...
  8. Quatermain

    Weald Farm Orders

    Hi everyone Have people received their orders from Weald Farm yet? I've heard the chap has had some problems with his staff being ill and his email connection has been down. I had to send 3 or 4 emails before getting a reply asking me to call him. I called today and was told that my Mid May...