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  1. happyculteur

    Art or Firewood ? Be honest ...

    Pargyle ! you have just invented the 3 dimensional Rorschach test ! Lovely piece of work.
  2. happyculteur

    What a shame for the Scots

    CRICKET!! I haven't seen a cricket match for 45 years now. Watching a swarm trap waiting for some bees to arrive is so much more exciting.
  3. happyculteur

    Happy saint's day

    Not to mention St. Ambroise, whose day is 7th December.
  4. happyculteur

    Food for thought

    On the Riviera, which is certainly not the equator, the bees have winter forage so they keep going. In summer when the heat leaves little nectar, they stay in. So obviously different ecosystems sort themselves out. I don't know if your bees would adapt immediately though, or if you'd have to...
  5. happyculteur

    RSPB Garden Bird Watch

    This year we have gangs of them; never seen so many. Perhaps they've come skiing. I daren't mention Brexit.....................................
  6. happyculteur

    # of starting hives?

    The advice I would give is learn to be very calm and gentle with the bees, and then you can concentrate on seeing what's happening. The other advice is that if you want to expand then be sure of your system otherwise you may find yourself wanting to change equipment after a couple of years and...
  7. happyculteur

    Hat or Veil?

    As both posts above. My fencing veil has a velcro tab in front which when pulled down avoids all contact between veil and face. I've never been stung in the face when wearing it. Any hat brim I wear has a will of its own. Yesterday I was painting a wall with a baseball cap on Leaning down to...
  8. happyculteur

    Warm way or cold way?

    I've always had cold way for my comfort. When I've collected swarms that are well installed between window and shutter, some are parallel to the window and some perpendicular. And some ;)just follow the ley lines :willy_nilly:
  9. happyculteur

    Positive beekeeping plans

    They will build downwards, though sometimes it's not obvious for crossing the top bars of the hive below. The problem is, that when there is a big flow, the speed of building down can be too slow to stop them feeling cramped and so they swarm. I now put boxes on top at these moments with drawn...
  10. happyculteur

    Positive beekeeping plans

    A Warré is just a hive , not really a method. Not any longer. It's very suitable for certain climates. As for stacks of boxes, you can super most of the time when there's a flow on, with entrances in the upper boxes. Nadiring can trap your beard.
  11. happyculteur

    Positive beekeeping plans

    Always an exciting time. I'm thinking of breaking out of my garden again. Last summer I chose several possible sites, but wondering if it's very wise at my age. Getting beekeeper's fingers.
  12. happyculteur

    People who have inspired us

    What I think is amazing about Karol's original post (apart from David of course) is all the time effort and money that is dedicated to keeping him alive and very partially functioning. It speaks volumes for the values of the society in which we live, and for which it is worth fighting.
  13. happyculteur

    Dadant to Langstroth

    You couldbuild an adaptor, put the Dadant on top of the Lang, put frames of foundation in th Lang with a couple of drawn frames in the middle. Do it when a strong flow is on, or feed plenty of syrup to stimulate the queen's laying. David Heaf's beekeeping pages This gives a page with an adaptor...
  14. happyculteur

    What exactly is honeydew?

    In France it is mainly produced in the Vosges forests but only on fir trees. Here also is it not regular, and is much sought after and very expensive. I have always kept bees near to lime trees and there are always all types of insects on the leaves and flowers. I have large lime flows, but the...
  15. happyculteur

    Tobacco smoke

    I managed finally to stop by adhesion to a centre for drug addicts. 12 years on and I still love the filthy smell of cigarette smoke in the street.
  16. happyculteur

    Covid Lockdown No3

    Make sure the hive is * wearing* a seat belt, or you'll have several thousand fines to pay.
  17. happyculteur

    Transferring a 6 frame poly nuc to a top bar hive.

    Here's another one, as he's experienced. Let him do the transfer and you collect your emptied nuc later. You are onloading all the hassle of what somebody else wants to do. For a Warré it's easier as I can use an adaptor and let the bees build downwards. And even then it's so much easier to...
  18. happyculteur

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    With temp. minus 12° next to my hives, that's the sort of thing I have to do in my imagination, sitting in front of a blazing stove with a glass of brandy. All things considered, I'm jealous.:unsure:
  19. happyculteur

    General scream of frustration!!! Just need to get this off my chest somewhere and husband still at work!

    :hairpull::hairpull::hairpull::hairpull: I don't have any hair left anyway, so I thought I'd let you keep yours.
  20. happyculteur

    Some people are just stupid

    Recently, I put myself up for election on the local council. I went round and asked everyone what they would like, what projects they had. The answer at 100% was " that nothing changes".