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  1. Phayze

    Caption competition

    Is that the new wax crotch pad slip it on rip it off hairless in seconds ouch
  2. Phayze

    How Much honey did you get this year?

    took 1 super last week as it was capped put it back on nearly full again plus another 2 that were partially capped all 3 should come off at the wkend plus 1 super capped i am leaving on for the girls there is a lot of balsom near here and they are still bringing it in
  3. Phayze

    Poor honey crop on the BBC News

    If the summer crop is down by 60% I'm going to need more supers for next year but this is my first full year and is a great excuse to tell swmbo that I need more equipment for next year
  4. Phayze

    does everyone feed there bees in the autumn?

    All beekeepers are different to each his or her own some for honey some for money some for pleasure some for all,there are lots of right ways and lots of wrong ways but they are all individually specific to the beekeeper you will learn what the bees you keep require and the varying knowledge...
  5. Phayze

    Advice for the advisor

    Just a thought but if there is disease in the dead colony and possibly the honey they wouldnt want this spreading to the bees robbing out the honey
  6. Phayze

    To leave honey for the bees - or not?

    Just ask yourself why do bees store honey in the first place, I think but haven't tried it that syrup may freeze that is why fondant is usually suggested as a winter feed or supplement to their own stores
  7. Phayze

    Winter over/under - supering

    I think what finman is saying is that no matter how many frames/boxes of brood you have on a single hive in summer they will reduce their numbers significantly to a small enough cluster to serve their purposes keeping themselves the queen and the small amount of brood warm through winter.
  8. Phayze

    Call me what you will!

    I think it is a very decent thing you are doing both for the bees and the keeper well done
  9. Phayze

    captions please.

    where did we put the keys
  10. Phayze

    captions please.

    young colony with acne
  11. Phayze

    Free E book on Amazon

    Is it still free r.e. Post no # 10
  12. Phayze

    Free E book on Amazon

    thankyou Floyd and thankyou MandF downloaded each of them now :cheers2:
  13. Phayze


    You could simply say removal
  14. Phayze

    the symbol of manchester?

    i read somewhere it has something to do with the industrial revolution and symbolises the hard working people of manchester back then there are bees carved on bridges and other places buildings all throughout manchester
  15. Phayze

    Balsam anyone?

    loads of it here in leigh they've been coming in with it for over a week,spoke to someone who kills it for a living a few years back he said the seeds have upto a three year cycle when dispersed some may grow year 1 some year 2 some year 3 from original plant and each susequent plant does the...
  16. Phayze


    If you have any spare brood frames you could swap them out for the stores in the brood box,you could also put your last super on but maybe take off one super to extract then give them that super back also after extraction they will have a bit to go at but as others have said no queen cells so...
  17. Phayze


    how many brood frames full with brood in all stages egg to capped ,how many with stores pollen and nectar/honey brood box many frames in supers drawn how many of these full,are the bees up in all four supers aswell as brood box,we are just coming out of quite a warm spell when the queen...
  18. Phayze

    I don't think they learnt much!

    why bother buying bee suits if they are hiving drones and making their own honey hmm :rolleyes:
  19. Phayze

    Can I get pictures to help me?

    hi dogged quite new myself first full year the qc looks like a play cup allways better to look inside for royal jelly and fat larvae to see if it is a qc or play cup,the white stuff to the right of the larvae is older larvae note the c shape only it is a little like white ballons squashed into a...
  20. Phayze

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Raining here only lightly but the girls are flying on a mission about 30 at the entrance and 1s & 2s leaving every second or two same returning straight in no messing around, great to watch they must have their wellies and umberellas with them, rescued three from a puddle that Is forming on the...