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  1. Goodwood

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    too hot to do anything here - will try and have a peek tomorrow
  2. Goodwood


    yes I know - I am surprised the animal rights "activists" haven't picked up on it.
  3. Goodwood


    the move to the American way of industrial dairy farming here in West Wales, with cows kept indoors all year round, is causing massive damage due to the amount of slurry being created and then dumped on fields, sometimes many miles away from the farm of origin. This is killing rivers -and when...
  4. Goodwood


    had a couple of queens that have swarmed twice this year.
  5. Goodwood

    New beekeeping from Pembrokeshire

    Read all the threads and over time you will get a feel for the experience bottled up on this forum, whilst trying to avoid the scraps. Meanwhile attend the Sunday 2pm fortnightly PBKA sessions run by Paul Eade at scolton manor where much useful info is exchanged. Agrée 14 might be asking for...
  6. Goodwood

    And there was a great wailing and a gnashing of teeth.........

    posting this question here as I hope it might survive on Mr Jenkin's this forum being moderated for reasons other than offensive posts?
  7. Goodwood

    Scent of hawthorn

    Hawthorne flow was like a one night stand here in mid pembs. Over in a flash a few days ago. Shame.
  8. Goodwood

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    there's a varroa mite hitching a ride on one or two of those in the big pic - maybe give them a blast of oxalic as such a small colony may stay small and possibly worse if you don't.
  9. Goodwood

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Seeing a lot of regression in colony size here in Pembs After a good start this cold weather seems to have knocked the laying right back in some colonies Decent stores but small colonies
  10. Goodwood

    British Black Bee Info

    the majority of my hives are now Buckfast. All queens from reputable breeders. A lot of tut-tutting from a few people....But it has transformed my enjoyment of beekeeping and my yields. I try and keep my main apiary 100% Buckfast to limit cross breeding - we are lucky in this regard as we are...
  11. Goodwood

    Willow and nectar

    our hives pulling in loads of nectar atm and I have always presumed it to be from the willows - loads here on the banks of the estuary and also lining the streams on moorland up in the Preseli Hills with my hives up there. Mainly goat willows. But like Goran says most will be burned up with...
  12. Goodwood

    Ricky Wilson

    very sad news
  13. Goodwood

    Postal polystyrene jar protectors

    yes enjoyed that video. I will try harder.:-)
  14. Goodwood

    Postal polystyrene jar protectors

    not v environmentally friendly but i have sent loads of jars off in these without any breakages. Family recycle them when they visit. wrap...
  15. Goodwood

    I haven’t fed yet.

    just feeding the colonies that are light at the mo to tide them over to the ivy. Here they put on loads of weight with the ivy - "nailed down" heavy. Without ivy I'd give up.
  16. Goodwood

    Marking and clipping queens

    mark with whichever paint hasnt dried up. Never clip. Never mark if I'm not sure if its a virgin which hasn't mated in case I cock up her wing roots with paint
  17. Goodwood

    Varroa treatment survey

    OA vape x 3 another one first week Jan roughly started 3/7 ago
  18. Goodwood

    Heather dissapoints

    Looks like it might be a decent heather year for me at Morvil mountain in the Preselis Only three hives up there but nearly a super of honey on each since the heather flowered and hives now having that lovely smell on opening. Pembs NP do have controlled burning here. I am positive it has at...
  19. Goodwood

    Honey - more effective than conventional medicine,honey%20to%20be%20poured%20into%20the%20wound%E2%80%99.%201...