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    Disaster dropped My queen

    Mark - what do you use? Quick dry? Non-toxic?
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    black nitrile gloves

    We say - If you look like a bear and smell like a bear you will be stung. Black nitrile? - bearlike?
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    Colony swarming or superseding?

    Progress this morning: No Q found; Yesterday’s Q cell not sealed; 3 more Q cells started in edge cups; much unsealed honey in brood box; Q has laid eggs overnight in all available cells. Action - I split the colony as guided by “The Apiarist (swarm control when Q not found)”. And thanks...
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    Colony swarming or superseding?

    Ooops, It was not Wally Shaw, it is The Apiarist (swarm control).
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    Colony swarming or superseding?

    Consensus is for swarming then. If, by some chance I do find a Q this morning I will try Demaree. If no queen found, I will remove the only remaining (hopefully, not yet sealed, Q cell), split the colony and give each half a frame with eggs (Wally Shaw,WBA?). Unknown territory for me! Thanks...
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    Colony swarming or superseding?

    Running up to Jun 9th I had recorded BAIS, but no eggs recorded on Jun 9th. When inspections on 12th and 22nd recorded BAIS, I presumed a Q was present. Hence my query - swarming or supercedure?
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    Colony swarming or superseding?

    No eggs recorded since before 9th June. The colony had not swarmed. Queen not seen since early May - BAIS record stops between 29th May and 9th Jun. The Q was clipped and marked 2019 - present at first inspection of this year. Thanks for the guidance - I will be doing swarm control by Demaree...
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    Colony swarming or superseding?

    I removed the 4 capped Qcells. Q not seen since before 9th June. No eggs seen. No eggs seen on 9th June. The colony had not swarmed.
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    Colony swarming or superseding?

    9th jun - National single BB, 11 frms brood (just sealed brood), 2 sealed Qcells. Action - both squashed. 21st jun - test frm added. Result - no Q cells drawn. 1st july - no eggs in colony, rest frame added. Result - no Q cells drawn. 12th july - 3 forms brood, BIAS. Three cheers. 22nd july - 6...
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    Nuc into Hive first time

    Young children tend to like honey bees until they get their first sting - but maybe, Martimart, your four-year-old is hardy. Good luck.
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    Heather 2021

    Can you say which honey press you are using?
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    Treating a new swarm with Apiguard?

    My “why not” expressed a frustration about posts that give advice without a explanation.
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    Hawthorn honey

    Ah yes, a maltose flavour which I now remember from the horlicks of my childhood.
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    Hawthorn honey

    I would describe the flavour as a rich nuttiness, vaguely suggesting hawthorn blossom but without the unpleasant fragrance that hawthorn can often have. Alan.
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    Lots of drones around

    Hi Pargyle, I am interested in how you manage your colonies without a Qx. Is it unique to yourself or is it a recognised approach. Alan.
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    Hawthorn honey

    Thanks. I have ordered a double metal strainer (1.5mm/0.5mm).
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    Hawthorn honey

    Do you just extract then put it though a 0.5mm sieve and jar it?
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    Hawthorn honey

    I will do this for the remaining supers. Thanks.