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  1. robin

    Who can give me some places to buy a good queen from

    as it says really, any recomendations ideally down somerset way would be good so that I could pick up quickly if needed thanks Robin
  2. robin

    Would a queen continue to develop outside the cell

    Hi I a curious, if you remove a queen cell and open it up a few days earlier while the queen is in pupae, she is no longer eating? does being in a cell keep her moist? Robin
  3. robin

    Whats do people think about taking drawn brood (with no eggs) and giving to a nuc

    Hi have had a fun time, I had 1 hive, caused the queen to be killed, mistook emergency cells for swarm cells, so split, have seen the queen in the nuc and she is doing a good job, have not seen a queen or evidence (eggs) of a queen yet and am thinking of 'stealing a frame of drawn brood to...
  4. robin

    Do bees continue to gather nectar if there is no queen

    as the title says really I understand that with no queen = no new bees = no foragers = no honey but do the bees actually stop working if there is no queen Cheers Robin
  5. robin

    killed queen accidently - got new frame with eggs- lots of queen cells - what next

    ok I had a lovely queen doing a fantastic job, I found her , marked her, and 2 days later discover a load of queen cells, so I create a nuc, remove all queen cells in my main (only) hive and leave for 4 days 4 days later, check nuc - no eggs but queen cell coming on nicely with a couple in...
  6. robin

    new to beekeeping an am wondering about forced increase(fake queen generation)

    Hi I got my first hive this year and the queen seems to be fantastic, laying in every cell in the lay area (obviously some cells used for honey etc), only skipping the ones with wire in, my question is this can I just 'take' a frame of brood with and brush some nurse bees in with it, and then a...