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  1. *ZhG*StGeorge

    Bees in an awkward place?

    Hi, not posted on the forum for awhile but have a small problem that I need a little advice on and I know this is the place to get the help. A friend, local to me, has a problem with a nest. They are in the roof area over the front of his downstairs frontroom window. There is no access on the...
  2. *ZhG*StGeorge

    News from the Daily Mash

    BRITAIN'S bees are to be privatised in a bid to reverse their decline. Bees have been destroyed by communism The insects have been hit in recent years by a huge drop in productivity, mass redundancies, and the collapse of traditional honeymaking communities, and the move is aimed at getting the...
  3. *ZhG*StGeorge

    Feeding back brace comb and some stores

    My friendly keeper came round last week a told me to put my fondant straight on top of the frames. Up until now I had been using a plastic box with a hole in the bottom over the feeder hole. He suggested I use an eke and then the crown board on top. I left a week ago for a small hol and on my...
  4. *ZhG*StGeorge

    Spot the Bee

    My wife has planted some Bee friendly plants this year in readiness for the girls arriving. What a success, the hebe out the front was full and the picture shows the Thyme that they seem to love. It is just under the washing line so she worries a little but the girls are more interested in the...
  5. *ZhG*StGeorge

    Feeding Fondant

    I have had my girls 4 weeks now. They came on 5 frames and were given to me already in my hive. I was told there was a chance of honey this year but to be honest all I want is a strong colony ready to go through the winter so I will not be taking any. Up until now I have been feeding with a...
  6. *ZhG*StGeorge

    Bee Swarm in a B

    My son took this pic at the Kent Show on Friday. Thought it would appeal to me as I also own an MGB. The swarm is on the bonnet catch.
  7. *ZhG*StGeorge

    St George's DAy

    Happy St. George's Day everyone
  8. *ZhG*StGeorge

    On the lighter side

    I attach these for your enjoyment. no 1 No 2 no 3 No 4
  9. *ZhG*StGeorge

    Polly Nucs

    Hi everyone, what do you think of these please? http://www.p*ynesbeef* if you replace the * with an a the link should work. Is that the best way to put a link in?
  10. *ZhG*StGeorge

    Smoker Fuel

    Hi, Don't want to get into an argument about whether I should or should not use a smoker but is the shedded packing that comes with your purchases from Th***es any good or does it have chemicals that badly upset our bees. It lights and keeps going ok, just wondered. Thanks
  11. *ZhG*StGeorge

    Early Choices

    Hello all, I am going to get started on this ‘Bee thingy’ next year and am reading everything I can get to make up my mind on equipment to buy. The area seems to use nationals with 14 x 12 BB and I am minded to go along with that. It must look right in the garden or she who must be obeyed will...