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  1. ElectricBlueBee

    varroa tray in or out?

    Oh, how embarrassing. I've always left mine in except for cleaning them. My mentor never said anything about it. I just thought it was so the mites cant climb back up. Would the bees be affected too badly if i remove them now, after having had them in all the time? Or will they be grateful?
  2. ElectricBlueBee

    Bees Washboarding

    I think it's a Harvest Dance. Look for for little loaves made to look like sheaves of corn, and tins of green beans brought in by the younger bees. Maybe the queen wearing a cassock leading the dance?
  3. ElectricBlueBee

    I admit to murdering bees - Do you?

    I almost cried on my first inspection, i actually find them quite sweet/cute. I was putting a frame or something back when one of them raised her head up to have a look, and plonk i beheaded her and it rolled on the floor! :'-( I'll forever feel the guilt of my first beheading.
  4. ElectricBlueBee

    3 queens only wanted

    Thank you :-) Makes sense!
  5. ElectricBlueBee

    I hate it when someone says

    Mine is the snigger you get from people when you say "get rid of the old queen"
  6. ElectricBlueBee

    Swarm in my garden and I am at work!!

    Wife + Bee suit + Husband on phone = Swarm stuffed in hive?
  7. ElectricBlueBee

    I admit to murdering bees - Do you?

    I absoultely hate the sound of a bee being crushed under a brood or super when i put it down, or the crown board. Makes me a sad panda
  8. ElectricBlueBee

    Swarm in my garden and I am at work!!

    I don't think you're trying hard enough! Have you got any kids or animals you could have claimed were seriously ill? (gotta be some bonus for having children)
  9. ElectricBlueBee

    First inspector, first sting.

    If someone says my name into a mirror three times will i appear with a hook and shoot bees from my... mouth? :-D
  10. ElectricBlueBee

    wasps entering one hive Help

    The iphone bit made me chuckle.
  11. ElectricBlueBee

    3 queens only wanted

    Sorry to go off track but i'd feel guilty making a new post but this seemed a likely one. With queen rearing, what do you do with all those queens? Do people manage to sell them all, or use them. I can't get my head around having many queens available.
  12. ElectricBlueBee

    First inspector, first sting.

    Oh yes i appreciate that it had to be done, i just found it amusing :-) Also glad to realise that poppy pollen wasnt some giant dollop of bee poo! Well i had 10 minutes of slight heat and feeling like i'd been scratched, then it went. I got straight into the car and off to choir practice. I...
  13. ElectricBlueBee

    First inspector, first sting.

    On Saturday i had our local bee inspector over, lovely lady. Proceeded to crack open the hive poke them and shake them and tell me how they're jittery on the comb... Well wouldnt you be if someone lifted your roof off, poked you and went "ohh she's jittery!" After checking all is ok (outbreak...
  14. ElectricBlueBee

    Bee "Taxidermy"

    Great ideas! Thanks guys. This will help show people the differences in bees, and the idea about displaying varroa is good too!
  15. ElectricBlueBee

    Bee "Taxidermy"

    Well people are always asking me about what they look like, sizes etc. My godson is becoming interested, and was very pleased to take home some stray comb which the queen had laid eggs in, which i removed in a moment of trying to tidy up my hive (why i dont know!) On an odd side note, thinking...
  16. ElectricBlueBee

    Bee "Taxidermy"

    I know its the wrong term, and i just googled it to find this horrific page, 2nd reference in google to facebook under "bee taxidermy" Being new, and full of crazy ideas, i'd like to make a collection of bees, and castes to show at association training. Also part of me would like to preserve my...
  17. ElectricBlueBee

    Bee Inspector Arrives Today!!

    I'm getting my first visit tomorrow! Gets me out of choir practice. It's come at a good time as this is my first hive and they've suddenly decided to wake up and multiply so i'm getting nervous i'm missing stuff whilst i'm going "ooooh bees"
  18. ElectricBlueBee

    Bee Identification

    Is that a pollen basket or a heavy duty travel case?!
  19. ElectricBlueBee

    Wood lice

    I'll add mine to this! I have earwigs under my mesh on the removable floor, each time i pull it out they scuttle around, i keep killing them off but they keep coming back :-( My bumblebee house is also now an earwig palace!
  20. ElectricBlueBee

    Money earning bees

    Thanks for the link, i knew there'd be something already. I'm not bothered about any profit. I have friends and collegues that would like to buy at least one jar of honey off me so its always more money back than the cat will offer! Like others i think it would be nice to make a little back...