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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Not so much what I did in the apiary, but I found myself stuck behind a pickup travelling gingerly along the road to Biggar up in Scotland. I'm thinking there must be something precious in those boxes ;)
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    Treating bees

    I agree with all that but would add I have used two strips in single brood box nationals to no ill effect. However, those colonies have been strong and have always had supers on, so space to expand. The instructions say something like 'provide additional room if required' and 'provide adequate...
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    Treating bees

    Dan B says 2 strips on double brood Nationals. I said I only treat strong colonies with MAQS. I'm happy we're on the same page.
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    Treating bees

    Can you point to where that information is? I've clearly missed it.
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    Treating bees

    You didn't use the correct dosage. Could it be that there were other things you did that weren't as per the instructions? I only ask as I've never lost a queen to MAQS. I always use the two strips, only ever use it on strong colonies, give them extra space, entrance blocks out and give a little...
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    Treating bees

    I agree. Vaping isn't as practical and I don't suspect it's an option if you have a good number of hives.
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    Detering Bees From A Water Source.

    Out of interest, is it your neighbours dog pissing on pots and killing bees?
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    Detering Bees From A Water Source.

    Fixing the tap is the most sensible solution. Quite a neighbourly thing to do and helps you both out. Why pay money for chemical deterrents when probably all that's needed is a new washer.
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    Syrup thicker than 2:1?

    You're into the realms of an invert sugar syrup such as Ambrosia. It has a higher sugar to water ratio than 2:1 and doesn't crystallise. Bees don't need to do much to it at all.
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    It does happen. Two swarms reported (by beekeepers) near me recently.
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    Detering Bees From A Water Source.

    Sounds illigal.
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    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    He's from the North East.
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    entrance block

    Yep, screws behind to stop it being pushed too far in. I also have smaller entrance cut on one side on each block. I just flip the block 90° and have a restricted entrance. No two beekeepers are the same.
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    Levelling a hive

    St Mark's Basilica?
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    Grams to ml of honey

    In theory, what you calculated would be correct, but I don't know how jar manufacturers are calculating their jar capacities. If I cut the waffle out of my earlier post... So, these jars are sold as holding 227g of what? It isn't water. Equally, how can you be sure that a jar advertised as...
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    Grams to ml of honey

    Density = mass/volume Volume = mass/density This is a problem I have at work with quantifying earth removal. Different soils have different bulk densities. Topsoil may have a density of 1.4Mg/m³, clay may be 2.1Mg/m³, but they both vary based on composition. Movement of material is all priced...
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    Would you?

    Yes. I still have supers on that I'll take when the colonies reduce in size (and they're fully capped). I think there's another couple of weeks left in the balsam and if the weather is kind to the bees there will be bit more nectar coming in. I usually leave them with one full super and good...
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    Would you?

    Balsam need lots of moisture in the ground - shallow roots and all that. It's our main flow here, but some years aren't great if it's too dry. This year has been ideal weather with lots of showers, sunny spells and reasonable warmth. The bees started working it mid-July and are still on it. It...
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    Would you?

    I try to get the varroa levels down before the balsam flow starts. I usually use MAQS on production colonies with supers on for harvesting. Maybe Apiguard on smaller colonies, or if supers are for winter feed. Oxalic on any brood break earlier in the summer and oxalic early January. That's...
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    Los Angeles beekeepers...

    I live in LAncashire. Is that close enough?