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    Replacement Veils

    My veil is torn in numerous places - my wife can't repair it any more - the suit is still good so does anyone know where or if I can just get a replacement hood and veil?
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    I Already subscribe to the Bee-craft Magazine - are there any other Magazines that would be of interest?
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    2012 National Nucs For Sale

    Home bred 5 Frame National Nucs For Sale - £150.00 per Nuc Cambridgeshire/Norfolk Border - Collection Only Please contact me through Beekeeping Forum or give me a call on 01945 772898
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    New Super

    Is it detrimental to the Hive to put a Super on top of the Crown Board and then a Crown Board and Roof on top of that? - Will this help to keep my Brood Box Warmer and will the Bees still put Honey in the Super what do you think? Regards Merv
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    Have I a drone problem

    I have just done my hive inspection and it seems to have an exessive amount of drone bees, drone cells and larva - have I got a problem - can anyone explain? Merv
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    Problem with wasps

    Dear All - I have a problem with wasps bothering a hive any suggestions on what to do?