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    Stirling Board or Plywood for tops of Roofs

    I was wondering if Stirling Board is better for the top of roofs than Plywood. I have several shop bought roofs that use Stirling Board and they never seem to have any condensation issues. However my home made ones using plywood seem to get black mold on the underside. The ventilation on my...
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    Rain, Rain and more Rain, a cancelled Basic exam and a flooded Apiary

    Well the horrendous rain we had in Lancashire on Friday caused me all sorts of Bee Keeping headaches I was due to take my Basic Assessment on Friday only to have it cancelled because of the weather. No one had told me it was cancelled so I thought I should go along anyway, just in case. I was...
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    Bayer E- Petition

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    Could this weather cause problems

    As a beginer in my first year I was wondering if this weard hot spell could cause problems with Bees' over wintering?? At last weekends inspection 1 colony had brood and where still flying the second didnt have much brood and seened to be bedding down for winter. However since this warm...
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    Scam Emails from Royal Mail

    Have been getting a lot of customers phoning about receiving an email like the one above. It's a hoaks and the attachment contains a Virus. So please be warned.
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    A new colony running out of space to lay brood

    I am in my first year of Bee Keeping and now have 2 colonies. I need some advice on my second colony. Today checked a colony I got 2 weeks ago on 6 frames. They have now drawn out 8 1/2 frames however these are packed with stores. When I got the colony it had 4 full frames of brood but now...
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    Do all Bee Keeping Suppliers give rubbish service?

    I am a novice Bee Keeper just starting out. But my experience of suppliers has been very poor never had these sorts of problems with other hobbies. Ordered a Hive from a very well known supplier along with a few people on my course. They had all got theirs so I gave them a call. Call 1...