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    Nucs for sale

    Hi i may have 2 five frame nucs for sale in the next week or so. both nucs are on standard national frames cost per nuc £125
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    urgent queen needed

    inspected my hive this morning and found my queen walking around with only half her body and no queen cells present. i have needless to say removed her maj and i urgently require a new queen to replace her. is anyone able to help?
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    new queens

    my question is what normally happens when a queen cell hatches and there have been more than 1 queen cell in the hive. i thought that the virgin queen normally tore down the other queen cells before they hatched. the reason i am asking is i had a nuc with 4 queen cells left in it. 3 of theese...
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    langstroth hive for sale

    hi guys i currently have a langstroth hive with Solid Floor Brood Box 2 Supers Crown Board Queen Excluder and Fedder for sale will upload pictures later today.
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    Queen Cells

    Hi guys i think i may have already seen a post for this but i cant find it. My question is how long does it take the bees to Cap a queen cell and once capped how long until the virgin queen hatches.
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    shelter for bees

    hi guys i have a hive that is on my allotment it has security fencing around it and i want to plant some shrubs etc that will grow up the fencing and give food/shelter what do you suggets
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    my hive seems to have developed chalkbrood the queen is last years queen. what is the best way of dealing with this.
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    AFB in norwich

    i have tonight been informed that AFB is in an apiary in norwich
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    second brood chamber

    hi as advised i am trying to get my bees moved over from my national to a smith hive that i purchased by adding a crown board and placing the smith brood champer on top. the new chamber has been on the hive for about a week. i have checked it today and the bees have not yet started to draw out...
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    hive sizes

    can anyone tell me the difference in size between a National and British standard hive. I have just bought some second hand national hives and they seem to be slightly smaller than the british standard one that i have
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    nuc wanted

    hi im looking for a 5 frame nuc or two. am looking to purchase as soon as possible either an over wintered or this years stock so i can get started