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    Wet Supers

    Can't agree more, have had bees for more than fifty years and always store the supers wet, no problems with waxmoth and it gets the bees up into the supers quickly in the spring.
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    Thanks for that I will try and raise the cage this a.m. And thanks for all those that have replied.
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    Thanks for that, I don't think with this model the cage can be adjusted, unless someone can show me how, most of my lugs are on the short side, thanks for the reply
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    I purchased the above last year, and as again this year the engine runs extremely hot in-so-far as not being able to touch it for a good 10 mins after switching it off. Has anyone found the same with this model?
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    Drones being slung out

    Saw this happening a couple of weeks back, a few of my strong colonies threw out a couple of hundred drones on consecutive days. During the current flow they appear to have plenty of drones left.
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    Empty drone frames

    Had a few large colonies throwing out several hundred drones during the cold wet conditions. Still plenty of drones available though. Have noticed this several times over the last few years.
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    :iagree: :iagree:
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    Catch a swarm THIS weekend?? !!

    If they are heavy enough just leave then alone for a while, certainly don't start pulling brood combs about in these temperatures and no shook swarms please!!! You know whom I'm talking about. people like that should be banned from putting up videos for beginners to have access too.
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    Neighbours show true colours

    Not enough bees too many humans!!
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    Too early for a shook swarm?

    There is so much wrong with this video I don't know where to start. the worst thing is that this video is out there being watched by new beekeepers who think that what they have just viewed is the correct thing to do. They are doing it at the wrong time of the year, with a very small colony and...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    :iagree: Can't see why you should do this unless its granulated.
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    Asian Hornet - Update

    I think I asked the same question a week or so back regarding the nest found, were queens cells found or not, had they hatched, nobody seemed to have come back with a sensible answer. Surely they must have gone over the nest with a fine tooth comb?
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    Asian Hornet - Update

    Sorry bit late coming on this thread, but did anyone ask the obvious, when the nest was retrieved was it noted if queens had been raised and departed? its fairly late in the season!
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    Heather starting to flower.

    Plenty of Rosebay down here but not being touched by my bees, first Ling is showing and Bell has been out for several weeks now. At the moment Bramble seems to be yielding well, with the lower temperatures.
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    Heather starting to flower.

    Just Bell on Haldon and the southern flanks of Dartmoor.
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    Anybody seen Balsam out yet?

    Plenty out on the railway line near the river Axe today plus lots of Rosebay Willow Herb.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Noted today bees working the white clover for nectar and pollen, must be some moisture in the ground. Bramble will start in a couple of weeks down here and the Lime also, but this rarely gives a good flow.
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    LimeWatch UK

    Portuguese laurel just coming into bloom here, a good honey plant but needs some good pruning as its a bit of a thug. Lime at least two weeks before flowering, however conditions are not right for it at the moment, needs more heat and humidity, lets hope things improve.
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    Worst Start to a Season I Can Remember ??

    Most stocks just ticking along, no surplus from spring crops, have mixed a lot of syrup in anticipation of feeding over the next few weeks with hive populations expanding fast. With plenty of rain and higher humidity and temperatures this maybe a good year for a good flow from the clover/bramble...
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    Worst Start to a Season I Can Remember ??

    All rape around this area is over, fields are now green, very little honey this year from the rape, bees are not happy to be opened.