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    ply wood hives

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    ply wood hives

    hi just looked on flea bay to see what hives are for sale and i saw some painted plywood nationals for £70 what do the members think
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    bee books

    bee book thanks for your replys just got my today
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    bee books

    hi what do member of haynes new book the bee manual thanks uppy newbee
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    Maisemoore sale

    is that on web or in store
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    Anyone in the Bristol area?

    :hat: hi where in bristol
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    been making 2 bee hives out of 18mm ply 3 more to gobee-smillie
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    Some good news

    i agree
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    Ants in the Hive.....

    ant in hive if you get some cinnamon sticks by your feeder it will stop the ants:)
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    Procedure for swarm collection in public places

    swarm collection hi iam a newbee but i do agree with the last post: