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    Bradford BKA 2012 Beekeeping courses for Beginners

    Hi There Bradford BKA Courses for new beekeepers, to be held at Bradford University. Weekend course 19th & 20th may 10am-4pm Evening course 21st -24th May 6.30pm - 9pm Cost will be £105 including 12 months association membership (which also includes Yorkshire & BBKA...
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    Bradford BKA

    Our winter course starts Oct. 2011 - each session is on the first Tuesday of the month at Bradford University. 7.00 - 9.00 pm Please check "bradford beekeepers" website for full details etc Oct 4th The Bees - how does a bee colony work? The types of bees found in the hive Look in a hive -...
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    Phoenix from the flames

    Got the call this morning at 9.20 from a nice asian lady asking if I could deal with a big ball of Bee's that were attached to a small tree in her sister in laws front garden. After establishing exactly what I was dealing with (nice footbal sized swarm 3' from the ground :drool5:) I agreed that...
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    Polystyrene hive

    Can anyone give me the name of the polish poly hive manufacturer? Done a search with no luck. I came across Weald Place who were doing poly nucs @ £25 and nationals @ £132 + £8 delivery. Was going to try a couple of nucs but they have now jumped to £30 + Delivery and then when you try and pay...