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    gold fish at the allotment

    I have 3 gold fish in my water butt (200l). I have had them in there for 2 years now, the butt is in my polytunnel to stop them freezing in the winter. I have just bought a solar powered air pump to oxygenate the water. Last year I put oxygenating plants in for them but once it got cold they...
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    Hive placment location

    That allotment site looks very familiar. Whereabouts in the Northwest are you? East Lancashire?
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    slugs and snails.

    I've used the nematodes for the last couple of years. They seem to be reducing the number of spuds I have to throw away full of slug holes. They have more of an effect on the small slugs that live in the soil not the whoppers that you see around and about. I also use those organic slug pellets...
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    Thanks everyone for your help. I have ordered some and will see how it goes. As they are a new nuc hopefully it will help them build up a bit quicker. Sarah x
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    Hi everyone. I am new to beekeeping and have a nucleus which is now on 6 frames and I'm feeding them sugar syrup as suggested by the man I got the bees from. I have been reading about ambrosia and wondering if anyone has used it and what they think of it? It sounds really good but I don't want...