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    Full Colonies for sale

    Full colonies for sale . Thornes national hive's for sale Full working hives with 2 supers (nearly ready to spin) For sale due to eccessive reaction (by my body to bee stings) £ 350 each
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    Advice needed

    I sat here with one arm twice its normal size due to my latest sting ! Been to the doctors and he has advised me to stop keeping Bee's. So the Question is what is a sensable price for 7 full and productive hive's (2011 queens) one queenless hive (added queen cell and Eggs last night) and a...
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    Nuc's in Notinghamshire

    2 nuc's for sale in approx 2 weeks ! Caralonian stock. £ 120
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    2 Nuc's Nottingham

    I will have 2 Nuc's for sale in the next two weeks 2010 marked queen's. £ 120 Carolonian origin
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    Virgin Queen

    HI just a question ! Do virgin queens come back to the hive every night when they are on mateing flights ?? I have two nuc's with newly hatched queens that i would like to move to another site, The queens hatched last week .
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    Is it to late to kill a nasty queen ? We have a large and aggressive hive with a very prolific queen, But the are very nasty and follow 100m. Advice Please.
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    Got a call today to collect a football sized swarm. Went to look at a very nice calm bunch of dark bees Popped them in the nuc, Watched the queen land on the front of the nuc ,where she climbed on the back of a drone then she went inside the nuc. Good so far !! Am picking them up at 8.00pm to...
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    leather glove cleaning

    Who uses leather glove's ? and what do you use to clean them ?
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    Moveing swarm in nuc

    Is 1.77 miles far enough to move a swarmed old queen to a new site ? I know it should be 3 miles but what do you all think. She will be moving out of the nuc box she is in to a new hive.