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    Is anything wrong with doing a split like this

    I've noticed charged queen cells and cant find the queen to do an AS Is there anything wrong with doing a split like this Move the original hive 20 meters Put a new hive with frames on the original hive position All the flying bees return to the original hive All the brood and queen are 20...
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    Scout or Robbers

    I recently set up a swarm trap and sprayed some sugar water inside along with lemongrass oil after about a week I have noticed about 10 honey bees visiting was wondering if they are scout bees or robbers is there a difference
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    Catching a Swarm

    My hive swarmed when on holiday about 4 weeks ago. Have just found the location of the swarm its in a side wall of a building Was thinking of trying to collect the swarm .Its near to public and buildings “Could this go very wrong perhaps?”My first time doing this and would take any advice.If i...
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    Pollen Intake

    Was wondering what controls the intake of pollen in a hive .I noticed last year at certain times about 1 in 20 bees coming with pollen and other times 1 in 5 and then sometimes none,and different hives coming in with more pollen than others.
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    Flowering Broccoli

    Last year had some broccoli which went to flower noticed the bees were hammering the yellow flower.Planning on planting a lot just for the flowers. "Does any one know of any tips to make it go to flower quick.?" Also have aquired 1kg of white clover seed and planning to plant."Is it just a case...
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    Bee Stings

    After delivering a xmas card to a nearby friend and were dicussing my bees. He came out with a sort of humourious remark "If I get stung with your bees I,ll be suing you" Now this started me thinking "Is this possible?"If someone took a reaction to a sting and died (worse case) "Have you ever...
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    Opening Hive in Winter

    From most of the information I have had so far it tells you to leave the bees alone in Winter."Does it do any harm to open on a milder day and have a quick peek?" So far I have opened 3 times, Once to see if they were alive next to feed fondant next to see if they were eating the fondant.
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    Making Fondant

    First try at making fondant Added sugar,glucose and water brought to the boil cooled it fast while stirring.The problem is I dont know what fondant is supposed to look like when finnished.It seemed to go back looking like sugar."Could any one help and let me know if the picture attached looks...