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    Quickest way to crystallise soft set.

    It's dropping to 14c at night at the moment so if you can leave it in an out building/shed over night that should be enough to start it going.. It took a week or two to go but has worked fine for mine.. 👍
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    Thusly.. these have lasted for years with just a couple of coats of Garden Shades on the cut edge.. 👍
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    I’ve used osb for crown boards for years with no problems. If the edge was to be exposed, as with demaree boards (unlike crown boards, which are protected by the roof) then I would run some paint round the edge..
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    Artificial Swarm, distance to new location..

    Hi JBM, Many thanks, that makes complete sense. Also, if there is a bit of brood in the bottom super (no q/x's) presumably that should go with the main colony, but any supers with only nectar could/should be left on original site..? I'm doing Pagden's by the way.. Cheers, Neil.
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    Artificial Swarm, distance to new location..

    Hi all, I need to do artificial swarms on a couple of my larger colonies (double brood + 2 supers) & would like to locate them to a new area of the apiary as part of the process. The new spot is approx 40 yds away & the other side of some trees & bushes so not in eye sight of the original...
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    Getting honey out of the brood box

    There are definitely some under sized queen excluders being sold at the moment. I bought 10 from Simons & the bees will hardly go through them at all. They are yellow plastic ones, but different to the ones pictured on their website. I explained the problem to them & they happily took them...
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    Can I ask a huge favour?

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    Cheap solar melter

    Hi BeeFriendly, I don't quite understand why people seem to use double glazed panels, rather than a single sheet.. Surely they are designed to insulate, rather than let the heat (or cold) through? -just wondering if i am missing something..? Cheers, Gumbers.
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    Hi from Surrey

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to the game so still very much learning as I go along.. I've been lurking for a while & have read back through much of the forum, so I thought I'd better say hello & get a bit more involved.. Looking forward to joining in with the discussions wherever I can.. Gumbers.