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    Unsure if hive is queenless - mated queen added.

    UPDATE! I went back into the hive yesterday and there were two emergency cells on the frame I have given them, I tore them down and then let the queen out of the queen cage and she walked quite happily into the hive with her tongue out, being fed and fussed by the workers. A success I think...
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    Unsure if hive is queenless - mated queen added.

    Thankfully she was only £15 from a friend. Should I remove the caged queen a make a nut for her?
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    Unsure if hive is queenless - mated queen added.

    Hello, Any advice on the below situation is very welcome! I put a swarm into a hive on the 16th of June, left them for 3 weeks - no eggs being laid but colony collecting lots of pollen and nectar. Monday 7th June - put a frame of eggs from another hive in. Wednesday 9th June - no emergency...
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    Fondant feeding with super on

    Thanks for your responses. Yes, QE was removed. I think they will be fine for now, I left them both 3/4 of a super. I was more curious about the placement of the fondant should I need to give them some. I think I’ll check them towards the beginning of Feb and place fondant in above the cluster...
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    Fondant feeding with super on

    Hi, I am looking for a little bit of advice, I decided to leave a super on two of my hives this year through winter. I think they will have enough to keep them going but if I needed to give them some fondant, would you suggest putting it in an eke above or below the super? Many thanks in ad
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    Is this normal for October?

    Hi everyone, I have a very active hive today (14th is October it was about 12 degrees outside when phot was taken) - lots of bees on the outside with lots of pollen going in. Is this normal for this time of year?? Many thanks
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    Can I use Apiguard when I have emergency queen cells??

    Hello Everyone, Looking for some advice... I have a hive that is attempting to make a new queen through emergency cells (I'm not sure what happened to my last queen). I am also feeding this hive at the moment. All well in the hive aside from lack of queen. Question 1 - am I able to treat...