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    Behaviour Change

    I had a quick look in my two overwintered hives last week when the weather was warm. Both had been reasonably placid at the end of last year. This time for one hive the bees became quite agitated and I closed up quite smartly. I was quite surprised that they were so numerous. They had stores...
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    Hi folks, New Years Resolution: better record keeping! Can I have recommendations of any good, easy-to-use hive record books please. I have to get away from using a tatty excercise book.
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    Morning all, just seen an interesting article on Honey Fraud on the net. WIRED UK “Honey detectives are closing in on China’s shady syrup swindlers” 14Jan21.
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    Hi, I’m looking for a bit of advice. I bought an APIDEA to try out and followed the instructions, putting in worker bees and a fairly ripe queen cell. A couple of weeks have gone by and the bees are still coming and going and they have made a bit of comb and there is a small amount of stores...
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    Beehaus wanted

    Beehaus wanted. Will consider damaged or bits missing. Please contact 07930372307 Thanks
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    Beehaus for sale?

    Hi has anyone got a Beehaus they no longer use and would be willing to sell on? I would eve consider one that is damaged or has bits missing.
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    Hi, First season beekeeper from SW London

    Hi I’m a first season beekeeper from SW London and have 3 colonies. One that was abandoned and two from swarms that I have collected. I have a secondhand beehaus and a homemade national hive. I harvested honey from the two larger colonies in my beehaus at the beginning of September.