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    The Co.op kicked us off ...

    the coop have many estates and are very keen to have lots of bees as they plant up borage etc on local estate, they have a guy who runs hundreds of hives on coop estate in leicester
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    I have been keeping hens for many years and find that even electric netting doesn't always work as they jumped over and wiped me out once, since then i ran a electric galv wire 12inches back from fence and 9inches off floor i have had no more attacks, i have caught over 30 foxes in 18 months...
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    pete you will not have to worry about a situation like this with your security in place (cameras, computers etc) but i agree if it happened to me i would go get them back and leave a note to show he has been rumbled
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    omf wanted for national

    got a fair few broods and supers but in desperate need of some floors if anyone has spare ones for sale in the west midlands/coventry area
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    Nuc wanted coventry

    Looking for a Nuc in west midlands area, hopefully mild mannered as im a beginner and will be my first set up. Dek