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    Summer not quite over

    Feeding I'm feeding too. Turned up with my syrup and they were streaming in and out of the hive, but not many stores so still gave it to them. By the way, why avoid Tesco? Is it the shop or the sugar that's no good?
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    The Beehaus - 2 years down the line.

    Dartington The Beehaus is a modified Dartington cast in plastic. Omlet made a donation to Buzzworks, Robin's community bee garden, to obtain the rights. I have a Dartington running next to a Beehaus. The Beehaus was certainly a lot easier to assemble and the parts are lighter so it's a bit...
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    Why do this?

    Why I did this I'm Ian Douglas, I wrote the article. The reason for the strips was not to save money but to encourage the bees to build their own comb. The weren't building at all when the frames were blank, so strips (they were a bit wide. Thinner ones that that were too brittle) were a step...
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    Beekeeping in the Telegraph

    Royalty Generally useless and given far too much attention for no good reason, you mean? Yes, I expect you're right.
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    Beekeeping in the Telegraph

    Oliver90owner The first thing any journalist worth the name learns, even before you figure out how to fill in an expenses form, is to put aside feelings of gratitude and report honestly on the things you've been given for nothing. I'm rather pleased with the beehaus so far, although I do have...
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    Beekeeping in the Telegraph

    Dartingtons and Beehauses Hello. I hope you don't mind my posting on your forum but I noticed the link to my article and thought I might be able to give you some more information. I have been using a wooden dartington hive for a couple of years now but unfortunately, after a weak summer and a...