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    The Ben Harden Method

    I found the publication by putting "2002, Rearing Queen Honey Bees in a Queenright Colony" into google. It's on beebase, no idea how you are meant to navigate to it "properly".
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    web sites

    If you don't want to write any code you can use a CMS (content management system). Have a look at This has loads of features build in and any that you can think of can be added with extensions. I use They do a free plan to have a play around, which can...
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    Emptying a mini nuc

    I've used a few mini nucs this year. They are in the same apairy as my other hives but more than 3 meters away. None now have queens. Whats the best way to empty them? I attempted to simply put the bees into another hive but loads of fighting took place and then they all clustered around...
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    Feeding following a split

    Is it true that you shouldn't feed immediately following an artificial swarm. I've just had to do an AS not didn't have much drawn comb available, I feel that if I feed too heavy they will fill all available cells with stores instead of allowing the queen to lay. Any views?
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    Planning on grafting

    PH, please explain. Would like to know what I'm getting into. (or change plans)
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    Planning on grafting

    Thanks for all the replies. I feel that grafting and being in control of the timeline would allow me to better plan the requeening of my hives. I also would like to spread my nice bees to others in the associations and maybe an increase or two. Not planning on any huge numbers. Probably 2...
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    Planning on grafting

    I'm going to rearing some queens this year (properly, instead of making increases from artifical swarms). What type of cell cups do people use? I've seen the JZ / BZ cell cup (also on dave cushman's web site). Are these good? If so where can you get them from, I can't seem to find any for...
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    I'm a new member of Bibba this year so still getting myself sorted.
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    Help. Woodpeckers?

    Do you think this is caused by woodpeckers? If so how should I protect them? Lozza
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    homemade solar extractor

    Blimey, what is this bash the newbee. I was just saying there was an alternative to making a wooden box. Happy new year all.
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    homemade solar extractor

    Give us a hint, which vid are you talking about? :confused:
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    homemade solar extractor

    For those that aren't into woodword, an alternative that I used was an old fridge. I gently removed the door, inner shelves, electrics, compressor etc (a hammer worked well). I then get a bit of double walled perspex that was wider than the door opening. Made some holes around the outside so...